Jordan Peterson in rehab for Klonopin dependence right now

I have been battling Klonopin and Valium dependence for ten years now. My heart goes out to him and anyone that ever goes through that. I have always had enormous respect for Jordan Peterson, despite not agreeing with him on some economic stuff. Hope he gets through it and doesnt :breadrope:


seems kind of like an invasion of privacy if we are hearing about it. Stuff like this is why I’m glad I will never be famous.

His daughter purposefully did a tell all

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I’m glad I’ve only had to battle benzo withdrawal for a couple of weeks.

I don’t take any psychiatric meds and I consume very little alcohol.

Keep in mind also that Jordan Peterson is pro-psychiatry. In other words… he is pro-medication. He considers taking medication to be self-responsibility.

I think the reason this blew up on the internet when it first came out is because people are trying to out him as a hypocrite. I wouldn’t call him a hypocrite although it’ll be interesting if he becomes humbled by the experience once he is out of rehab.

He did at one point mention that weak men cannot be virtuous. In other words… weak men just become a burden to others - they cannot do good in the world.

Peterson has been advocating for a kind of “heroic approach” to life. It starts with “clean up your room” and goes on with “find the heaviest thing you can carry”

Of course, the limit of such an approach is anxiety. As you take on heavier and heavier burdens while telling everyone: “see what I can carry?, I am a hero”, internally, anxiety builds up.

Then some real problem happens and the added burden becomes intolerable. You collapse and/or start taking anxiolytic drugs.

This is just what happened to Peterson: The endless tours, the constant fighting on the Internet, the book writing, … and then his wife’s cancer. Peterson is a victim of his own unrealistic advice

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That seems likely. Also, he did not surround himself enough with people who were allies to his worldview. Perhaps his individualism made him not want to seek political allies out. Before his downfall, even right-wingers were against him. He had a lot of grassroots allies, but very few political allies.

To be honest, Jordan Peterson’s advice is legit even if people cannot always put it into practice.

You put it into practice as much as you physically and mentally can. Otherwise you surrender yourself to a life of self-pity and envy.

My biggest problem with him is his political views. Not so much the trans stuff because I agree we don’t need 100 genders.

It’s more the question of: should we help the needy and the poor, or should we tell them to go fuck themselves and lift themselves by their bootstraps? He seems to go backwards and forwards when asked this particular question, and sometimes agrees that if you have a society where people start at Zero, then a lot of the losers in this society will become resentful and burn it to the ground.

…But then he goes on a tangent about how socialism is evil, blah blah blah…

I’m personally a big fan of personal responsibility but I also think we should help people as much as society can realistically afford. Give them the best possible start and then tell them to lift themselves by the bootstraps.