Just make money bro, even Chad has to pay when he's with Stacy


I really don’t get how people walk around all day expecting to get paid for. This is baffling to me. I pay for my part of every date, concert and flight man.

Strong independent feminist leftist woman


Lol sarcasm or no sarcasm. I can’t tell today.

in the US, in liberal coastal areas, men do not really have to pay for the woman on dates. That doesnt mean men are now no longer oppressed by ruthless and universal female hypergamy regarding wealth though, as the greatest predictor of singledom and divorce is the man not earning much money or having a job (note: NOT the woman).

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Every date that I’ve been on, I have always paid for both myself and the girl I was with.

Idk maybe it’s a cultural thing but I come from a very conservative family where men are seen as protectors and providers. So I was raised in a way to always pay for the date.

Feminism has actually ruined it because now women want to become like men. They get offended when a man pays for the date because they see the whole ordeal as “women being inferior in terms of finance” rather than just seeing it for what it actually is I.e. men just being chivalrous.

Uh huh

Some backstory BTW apparently he is some musician (probably broke af like 99% musicians today), bass player in some crappy rock band. She is his friend/girlfriend

chivalry feels good in the short term but not in the long term imo