"Just Take a Shower, Bro" (I Actually Don't Shower Every Day)

Because of my chronic illness, I actually don’t bathe every day because I don’t have energy. I was thinking about this because I’ve considered trying online dating.

My room’s a mess too. Sorry for doubting you, Jordan Peterson :crying_cat_face:

Lmao, fuck that.

I shower once every 2 days and only when I have to (leaving 5 days a week on Practicum). Otherwise it goes down to once every 3 days since I usually stay in the house.

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Imagine 200 years ago how men showered once every 5 years and got more sex than most men today.

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Today is just a clown show. “Shower more”, “do your eyebrows”, “fix your style.” WTF is going on, as if men need to be ultra-masculine Alpha Chads and Metrosexual at the same time to even have a chance.

I love showers and baths. I spend at least an hour a day in the shower. If it’s a bath 2 hours.

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I do though everyday. I love it. Actually I drain hot water tanks lol

I don’t believe that for one second. Post an unedited video of you in the shower for that long.

I’m sure there’s better porn out there.

People showering is now considered porn? It truly is a clown world.

I get the feeling you aren’t even a real incel or something, just a normal confident guy that goes to every forum imaginable and talking to/flirting with any females present. A normie infection.

Nah, I am ankel. I’ve read love’s posts on another board and I think she is a very lovely lady. Her hearts in the right place it’s a shame she gets treated poorly by the ones that could benefit from her help the most.

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I use to take care of my health and appearance regularly but now I just don’t give a fuck.

I’m not in an income bracket that is going to attract women anyways so I just let shit go as I have nobody to impress or attract. I’m the type of guy smoking a cigarette in an entrance way where I’ll blow the smoke in the direction of women’s faces. I don’t give a fuck, get fucked.

I live like a dirty hippie, I just call it living like a modern day ascetic.

I’m that guy walking down the street shirtless in the middle of winter wearing sandals that everybody in the neighborhood gawks at. Yup, that’s me.

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I actually like baths more than showers, I’ll meditate floating on the water releasing stress or tension and have been known to fall asleep for six hours at a time that my roommate will knock on the door sometimes just to make sure I’m still alive.

Lucid dreaming asleep in a hot bath is comfy. The hot relaxing water seems to amplify the effect.


Yeah same. Hot bubble bath is amazing

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