Legit Femcel?

Imagine fighting to die a horribly painful death by intravenous drugs administered by a psychiatrist when one could theoretically just jump off 12 stories and not feel a thing.

Despite “crippling shyness” and “mental health problems”, quite literally no.

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Tiny nose gang gang

if she has a boyfriend then, no, I don’t think she’s a femcel.
from the article, I’d say she’s depressed (shocking, I know. hold your applause please) she needs mental help and I don’t say that insultingly. she wants to give up. a lot of incels feel that way but feeling that way doesn’t make someone involuntarily celibate.

It’s amazing the double-standards that scream “I’m a woman who is depressed and suicidal, so I demand attention”, and the media follows through. How many young incel men have we all come across online that are suicidal, depressed and lonely, and no one bats an eye. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling from this article that this woman is looking for sympathy, and for everyone to feel sorry for her. She’s been more than likely rejected of legal euthanasia because she’s probably fixable, and far too young that any doctor with a brain can see it. I’m not saying she isn’t suffering from depression, but I doubt she’s actually that serious about it. Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m assuming far too much about her based on an article from the Daily Mail, or all places. Normally people with this heavy of a burden and depression don’t make this so public, and keep these kind of things to themselves and close loved ones.

I’m sure I’ll get slammed for this, but she’s got a boyfriend. If she can attract someone into her life even at such a low point as she things, she’s not as bad as she claims to be.

Woman: Is depressed for no particular identifiable reason, expects sympathy and for everyone to care.

Man: Is depressed for not having natural desires met ever, gets bashed by everyone.

This society deserves whatever it gets.

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if I could reword that, it’d say “she’s not as bad off as she thinks she is” and honestly that gave me pause.
I think that can be said for any of us. I mean sure, life sucks when we can’t get basic needs met, I know, I’m here too.
but maybe just because we don’t have what we want from life doesn’t mean we can’t be who we want to be.
and I’ll be honest, I struggle with that too. but I want to choose to a good life.
I don’t want to be miserable with what I don’t have. I want to be happy with what I do have.
and in order to start, I need to practice wanting what I have, and being happy with it.

you know what? I’m happy to have you guys around. I’m grateful to be a part of this community.
there, I said it. I’m happy to be here. maybe I think I’d be happier if I were in a relationship. but I won’t let that ruin being happy here, now.

have a great day guys/girls/whatever :slightly_smiling_face:

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No such thing as femcel because women don’t want or fantasize about sex with men to begin with. Sex to them is just a tool to get a relationship, one they wouldn’t mind not using.

there are definitly people who are like that, but not all women use sex or other people like that.
there are men who act like what you describe.
but there are also men who want a loving relationship more than they want sex.

real life isn’t so black and white.

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This is outrageous. She can be given marijuana to fix her mood and can go on online dating and get 100 orbiters in 2 minutes. There is no reason for her to kill herself.

She’s 23 and her boyfriend looks like a 45 year old drifter lmao…but she just needs to looksmax

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did you do that to the second picture?
yeah, well if she actually looked like that she might be worse off actually. having everyone constantly comment about how beautiful she was, would make her obsessed with the only part of herself in which she feels worth.
though she may not be advocating to die. she’d be just as miserable with herself.

also, yeah, her boyfriend does look like a street bum.

cursed image

For 99% of women sex is just the price they’re willing to pay for a relationship, which is what they really want. They might enjoy sex, but it’s like enjoying a job.
They have a visceral hatred and disgust towards dicks similar to a fear of spiders. That’s why they’re so hysterical about rape all the time. They can barely tolerate a dick anywhere near them, they sure as hell won’t let a man get sex for free.

I used the Female HD filter on FaceApp.