Lesbian Couples are Two and a Half times More Likely to get Divorced

Just science I guess. Thought I’d share this here… (assuming I haven’t already.)

Generally speaking, non-heterosexual relationships are more unstable and have higher rates of promiscuity, full stop. But lesbian couples seem to be doing the worst.

…Yet another reason why I’ve given up altogether, but at least thanks to these studies I can move on with my life in peace without the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

You’re not always going to be happy with your partner, but the whole point of marriage was that you made a commitment to ride it out till the end. You’re all in. If you cannot make that commitment, you shouldn’t have married to begin with. Self-control cultivates life-long happiness… instant gratification doesn’t.

It’s also a bit disappointing considering how hard the LGBT community has fought for the right to marry… but yeah.

Because it’s a sin. God doesn’t want it to last. I’m serious.

Women are so insufferable that they can’t even stand each other. I mean, two emotionally unstable people is obviously going to be worse than one.

At least lesbiancel is somewhat believable.

come on dude, that’s a really toxic way of looking at it.
more likely it’s just that people want stability, and people pair bond with the best available.
for groups with low demographic numbers, sometimes “the best available” is just the next person.

Ehhhhh, idk. It might just be a product of the fact that being lesbian is a lot harder as it’s a stronger deviation from traditional roles and it puts a lot of pressure on people with non accepting families.

Ex.) You can still do everything expected of you from society as a gay man. You are very much not being a typical women as a lesbian as no one is the stay at home and there are no kids to raise often.