Lesbians Who Have Sex With Men and Straight Women Who Have Sex With Women

Can anyone explain lesbians who have sex with men and straight women who have sex with women? Examples:

Was gonna, but im not queer enough. @lesbiancels?

the first video you posted did a lot of explaining. I’m not sure why you’re asking…

there’s more than just one reason lesbians might choose a guy. convenience for one thing. men are just… available for sex I guess. it’s hard for lesbians to find partners let alone casual partners.
also, people like having sex, but don’t always need to associate that sex with their own identity.

it’s like ‘picking up trash in the park because you want it to be clean’ compared to ‘picking up trash because its your job’ okay maybe that’s bad example…

as far as straight women with other women? again, theres a few reasons. curiosity. admiration for beauty. heck even social pressure could be a factor in a bunch of cases.

  1. “Lesbians” that have sex with men are overly horny / have a high sex drive in general.

  2. “Straight” females have sex with females because they couldn’t find Chad.

Naw on that second one

by men you mean ftm? i can’t really explain that but im bi and i generally have a preference towards women more

No, I don’t mean female-to-male. I mean cis women who identify as women who enjoy sex with cis men. They apparently exist (see video in first link). Like I’m a straight guy and I don’t enjoy sex with men.

Sexual orientation comes in so many different shades that it’s almost impossible to put people into neatly fitting categories. The sole purpose of categories is to identify patterns, nothing more. But sexual orientation will always be a massively complex subject.

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Some lesbians will have sex with straight men in like a friendly situation.

They will start to smoke ganga with them. Then magically after they are high they immediately start hitting on the dude.

Seen this happen countless times in college.