Lifefuel for shortcels! Hot fem youtuber says height not big factor

Watch from like 3 minutes onward

hmmm, good stuff. it’s important to remember that people say a lot of things “don’t matter” but when it comes time to date, it’s a different story. my experience with this is money, women say it doesn’t matter, but unless you got cash to burn, they can easily find someone else to “keep them company”.

I don’t mean to be such a downer, what she was saying was true though. both about height being relative and about culture playing a large role in attraction.

hope is good thing, cling to it.

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True enough I suppose. But never indulge in it too much…

“Intelligence is high on the list for me.”

Nope. Stopping it there.


It actually is not a big factor unless you keep hitting on women taller than you.
Or if you ever get a crush on a woman taller than you :frowning:

very true, I’ve also learnt that the hard way, but to live without any hope at all, is exclusively despair.

Edit: I meant to say “without” but forgot the “out” part and totally ruined what I meant to say.

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