I want to lick and get on my knees and worship Whitemane’s sexy, smelly, sickening cunt. I want to lick her dripping cunt saliva. She has the perfect cunt and thighs, but a bad personality.

Looks>Personality. This applies also to chads. Sexual biology prevails over personality. I don’t like whitemane’s personality at all, and yet I still feel intense lust towards her smelly yummy cunt.

This is proof of soi, I just ate 10 ghz of soi and yet it has made me lust for cunt more than ever, soi is good.

I’ll just refer to what I wrote about the Omegas for this one.

I don’t know about you, but I am not an omega, I’m an Alpha.

Omegas are basically otherwise shit tier males that have exciting personalities and anti-social traits, and get lots of DSR in modern society.

Doubt you’re an Alpha. Alphas are still successful at DSR in pretty much any society. Alphas have looks + personality/social skills and simply cannot fail. It’s the Co-Alphas and Betas that get fucked over with feminism.

Average bluepilled Incels are generally Betas. The red and black pilled Incels may fall into Co-Alpha territory. There’s a reason the Co-Alphas are the most hated group of males in modern society.

Warning #1 on #1 rule break

Are you sure you don’t have a diagnosable psychiatric problem like bipolar or schizophrenia? There is something off about your recent posting.

I wasn’t calling him an Omega.

See the definition I gave on Omegas. It’s a rebuttal to his post that looks > personality/social skills.

Looks always trump personality. I also do not like being called “he”, I am non-binary two-spirit because I don’t wish to be associated as a “man” or “woman” of this crappy world. Calling omegas “shit-tier” is also kinda anti-male, because it implies red p ill that you must be alpha or co-alpha or else shunned as a male. Red p ill is disproved as all that matters are looks, you can be alpha but if you don’t look like Chad you won’t get anywhere.

Sounds more like Sigma