Loser Bingo

some of these are super broad, and I feel personally attacked (kidding).



I like how “you are 19+ and living with your parents” and “you are not planning to go to college” are both on here. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t is the reality for young people today, especially men.

Though for all the Gen Z people… go to a work program at a Community College or something. Don’t waste time with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Why can’t you go to uni and live alone? Je said confusion.

Also I’d be careful with that whole don’t go to uni thing, some of us are in niche fields that 2000% need degrees

How do you manage that? Roommates? A huge student loan?

I live with parents and got a large scholarship, graduating with zero debt.

To me, being a loser just means making poor decisions rather than outdated social expectations that no longer match up well with modern society. The decisions of a loser today are not equal to the decisions of a loser in the 1950s.

Work :woman_shrugging: I live alone in a large city and it makes me happy, but it doesn’t make you a loser to live with your parents either.

Damn, I despise the city. Even if I could have done that, I would hate living there anyway. Everything is accessible and such, but too many people everywhere.

I’m not sure how it is possible to afford both rent and tuition on minimum wage, but okay then.

I just think going into debt is an absolute last resort.

My city is cheap af so that’s definitely an advantage, but it’s a ladder. Started off with living off of 500$ a month and now I’m at 2.5K which is enough for a good life here. I’m also an anomaly though so I won’t say whatcha mean you can’t afford a HiGh RiSe?!??!

“HiGh RiSe”


she means, shes not going to say: “why can’t you afford to live extravagantly”

(a ‘high rise’ is an expensive building to live in)

Edit: sorry, katarana, I didn’t realize you were typing that as I was.

The weird capitalization is a emphasis tactic.

High rise, I mean just like a 2million condo penthouse