Making Friends in College Fail (Greentext)

:warning: The following events have been exaggerated for dramatic effect. :warning:

> Be me
> Be 26 year old millennial college student
> Likes girls but can’t get any
> Gets mistaken for a teacher because most Gen Z’s are already finishing college
> Studies IT… thinks she’s a 1337 hacker because she watched Mr. Robot and can relate to main character
> Takes a seat at a desk with guy and a girl
> Hears them talking about Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Bitcoin, 4chan, the American Civil war, etc.
> Joins in the conversation pretending to be more knowledgeable on the subjects.
> Makes a few jokes, they laugh a little.
> Guy ends up dominating the conversation and girl falls in love with him.

> They carry on talking about the American Civil war. She keeps getting flirty.

> Exits the conversation. Starts fiddling with pen while searching for random shit on Amazon pretending to be edgy and unique.

> Now they’re talking about my favourite subreddits.

> How dare they carry on this conversation without me.

> Fiddling intensifies.

> Just got uber-■■■■■■ by a bunch of normies.

> Is probably a normie herself, but a failed one.


my condolences.

I want to offer you advice or encouragement, but it’s not going to help after the fact.
that sucks.

however, I do think you would have been a valuable part of the conversation, because they were talking about your favorite subreddit.


yep sounds like college :pepesad:

lol exaggerated?

How is your robot going? ur gonna be famous when you finish it.

Sounds like my exact experiences when I was in college.

This world is going down the toilet and I want NO part in it. Dating sites have made dating a complete utter shitshow because we can go with whoever we want without repercussions, we don’t have to settle down with someone anymore. The fact that people have less friends than ever before nowadays doesn’t help the situation either.

Everytime I tell people the past was better they think I’m nuts and they blame it on nostalgia. It is not nostalgia and today is not the best time to be alive. The dating game has become totally rigged and I am feeling like going monk.

I expect the problems to continue to get worse.


I don’t know how anyone sane can say that things are getting better. More people are unhappy than ever before.

I think people don’t want to believe it. Another case of the comfortable lie being preferred over the harsh truth. People who need to hide from the truth to protect their feelings are weak, inferior creatures.

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@june19 Yes but then they would love her for her status and fame, it wouldn’t be true love.