Michelle Houellebecq praises Trump

Michelle Houellebecq, mostly known for his books about incel people
This is what he looks like btw

[/floatl] lol jfl
what a chud

Here is a scene from one of his movies.

Came out with an article praising Trump of all people

He praises Trump for being less militarily involved in the world, as well as letting America be less of a world power.

He has always been against immigration and leaned right.



you mean chad?

This is sort of a dubious premise I think. How many of our forever wars has Trump ended as president? I suppose you can give him some limited credit for choosing not to intervene further in Syria against Bashar al-Assad’s government. Trump has also escalated diplomatic and economic tensions with China.

Of course he does, most incels do, including me

Houellebecq can hardly be considered an incel himself. He’s just a writer who treats the subject in his novels.

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Honoury incel tbh

If incel past a certain age you’ll never be a normie again

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