Monday FA Monday Deletes his Channel(s)

Edit: It’s possible he just made his channel private according to this post:

Monday FA Monday (aka Monday Chad Monday) recently both his channels. The Forever Alone one and his political channel, Monday Blue.

While I’m not a fan of his politics, his incel/FA channel was one of my favorites. He took a nuanced view where he acknowledged looks, but also talked social factors like mental illness, autism, and childhood trauma/dysfunctional upbringing.

I agree that looks is the most important thing and drives a myriad of other life circumstances ranging from how much you earn at a job to whether or not you’ll be convicted of murder. However, I do think a lot of incels are too focused on looks.

I guess there’s multiple reasons for this. One is it’s the most important thing. Another is that it’s something that seems more out of your control compared to social factors. Despite that, there are things you can do to improve your looks. And with social issues, much of it has to do with your upbringing so that’s more out of your control than it seems at first glance.

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Didn’t he find a gf?

He seemed to have found a girlfriend or sexual partner. He did the right thing, to move on with his life, imo


Yeah, but he said he was still interested in exploring the topic. He also said he thought his experience was a fluke due to all his past failures. And he made his political channel private too so it wasn’t just about not being an incel.

Some people are saying he did this because he was dealing with a stalker. Since his videos are still on Youtube, maybe he is just laying low for a bit. I don’t think it’s been confirmed that the stalker is why he privated his videos.

As for leaving Youtube because he found a girlfriend, I’m not sure whether leaving because if that is good or not. He talked about other things like psychology and social issues. However, I think leaving the internet ENTIRELY, is a good thing, but if you’re just doing other online activities (like if he was still doing his political channel) then you’re not really doing any better.

It is a good thing imo. If the gf is who I think/remember it to be, he is lucky imo and I am envious of him because she was a looker, and also smart and compassionate also. A unicorn girl.

She may have asked him to delete channel and a girl like that asks you to jump sorry but you say how high, don’t care what you call me

Turns out it was due to the stalker. He posted an update video today.

It would be a shame. I’m not one for his politics either but he’s reasonable enough on inceldom from what I’ve seen of his. Being one himself makes for great optics.

Bet he was only creeped out because his, ‘stalker’, was an ugly black woman.

Apparently her youtube channel is public knowledge, saw one of her vids.

And she’s an ugly black chick.

It wasn’t just because of her. He wanted to make sure none of his videos had information that could allow other people to find him.