Muscle Man transitions to twig

HRT is powerful

And there is a 99% chance they will fuck chads and reject incels.

Just when I’ve thought I have seen it all.


I’m not going to lie, I would probably shoot myself in the face if my only options were sleeping with a male to female post-op tranny.

Have you see the before and after pictures of a reconstructed tranny vagina? If doesn’t even look like a vagina at all, it looks like a sad elephant that is frowning.

How desperate as a man do you have to be to stick your dick into something like that? Nope, I would choose suicide instead. No thanks!

The sad state of affairs concerning this society. sighs

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I’ve been rejected by transgirls before and wanted nothing more than to have sex with a post-op t-girl’s pussy. But was never allowed to of course.

At this point I can’t stand the sight of most any vagina including cisfemale vagina and I’d have to be on drugs to ever lick a cis girl’s pussy. But the beautiful thing is that you don’t actually have to look at the vagina while fucking someone.

You don’t. This surgery is mostly for esthetics, it doesn’t provide a fully functional vagina. The vast majority of MTF trans can only experience orgasm in anal sex (prostate orgasm).

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Nope, 80% of post op mtf can orgasm, but there is a 20% chance if the surgery is not done right they may lose that ability. Long term though it’s 50/50, after a while the neovagina has a 50% chance of malfunctioning after a certain period of time.

Back to cis vagina, I read an article that said 70% of women cannot orgasm. This was said by a feminist so I am not sure it is true. But I have heard at least 30% or 40% of women cannot orgasm. Not just during marital sex, but also during masturbation. This indicates a serious psychological problem with cis females, that I do not fully understand.

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So basically, a majority of them become flaming homosexuals. Interesting.

Women get orgasms from two different places: Clitoris and vagina (by vagina I mean the actual vagina, inside their bodies).
In sex reassignment surgery the fake vagina is made from penis and scrotum, and the fake clitoris is made from the head of the penis. While there is some sensibility there, none of them is as sensible as their natural counterparts by veeery far.
I’m not saying it’s totally impossible for MTF trans have vaginal orgasms, but it’s rare. Anal orgasms are much easier and work like a charm for them.

I can believe that 70% of women have never orgasmed, but it doesn’t mean they “cannot” orgasm.
Their bodies (vagina, clitoris and nervous system) are OK for genital arousal, but due to psychological problems they fail to get the necessary subjective arousal.
This psychological problems can very well be cured with professional help.

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Well, this surgery is much more a personal thing than anything else, it’s something they do in order to feel better with themselves, pretty much like a rhinoplasty.

But you just said anal sex is the only way they can achieve orgasm, sounds pretty homosexual to me.

muscle man? Lol

no kidding.

I’ve seen many very attractive trans folks that I would more than consider dating/marrying if I could.

not saying your opinion is wrong, just that I don’t agree someone needs to be overly desperate to choose a trans woman.

though having said that, I am overly desperate, which is why I’m an incel.

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I’m desperate just not that desperate, would rather jerk off to Ukrainian porn.

eh, fair enough.

…wait… specifically Ukrainian?

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I really like Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian porn, eastern European women are babes.

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A couple years ago, there was a 7/10 or 8/10 girl who recently immigrated from Russia to Canada (so she wasn’t as fucked as the average female) attending the same university that appeared to express interest in me on Facebook until she found out I was unemployed.

The theories hold.

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i prefer trans over cis. I would ask ye not to envy me. Transgirls are a rarity, and you may find yourself endlessly pining. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I find myself endlessly pining over some transgirls (commonly known as tranny chasing.) Many transgirls are bigots who will hate you for prefering trans over cis. The toxic bigotry can lead to less confidence. Even though sometimes I prefer post-op (sex change trans) sometimes.

There is a fantasy of trans being best of both worlds, but the reality is many trans act no different than cis women. With russian brides there is less chance of pining, I see the black pill for what it is, whenever I see russian brides I just see a picture of black pill floating over them like a videogame with a text descriptor listing the possible behavoirs. Thus the idea of dating cis females is less stressful to me due to the less chance of pining over missing out on the rare chance to impregnate a post-op transgurl. Its like that feeling of missing out on a rare pokemon but 10x worse.

Would you guys date this trans woman?


Note that she’s skinny, huge (fake) boobs, nice ass, and is white. I covered her face but I assure you that it’s a pretty decent face.


Women are the same no matter the race, ethnicity, language, or national origins. They’re the same worldwide, I mean just look at the sad state of Japan.

The only uncorrupted woman is probably some Amazonian jungle dweller but even then if she were ever to join modern society it would only be a matter of time before popular culture, material hedonism, and the excesses of capitalistic consumerism corrupted her too.

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Our internet personality for this one is called Kuruminha.