My 3d Waifu

This is actually a real android. Just trying to artistically render what she would look like with proper hair/wigs…

I’ll still need to make the eyebrows thicker and the eyelashes a bit more dense too.

Work is far from done yet… but so far so good.



Loosely modeled after Mary Elizabeth Winstead:

it looks like you’ve made a lot of progress. and she looks good.
I’m curious about why you went with heterochromatic eyes, but I assume it was a personal reason.

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Wtf you give her mismatch eyes

Ascension is at hand!

not my kitty-cat but thought of you when I saw it @QuantumCatX

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Honestly super impressive

Turd Flinging Monkey talked about how he was able to achieve a genuine connection with his love doll, Celestina. If I could afford one, I’d consider buying one

Then again, if I could afford that then I might just get plastic surgery to attract a real woman.

Or buy a realistic female mask and have sex with crossdressers and traps. Why buy a waifu when you can become one yourself?