My views on abortion

In an angry mood this morning, I’m gonna have to talk about a heavy topic, abortion. It was told to me this morning that New York has full abortions even after 8 months, and that this mentality is spreading to politicians.

I believe 8 month abortions are wrong and evil. Science says the human brain in an adult, is about the same volume as when it is 9 months old. However, it is important to consider, other factors besides volume alone. Fetal development analysis:

It says perception begins after 12 weeks, therefore abortion after 3 months is murder. Meat is murder. You may argue that killing animals is not murder, because you benefit from it. But many murders have been committed in order to benefit the murderer, so murder is still murder. The killing of the baby should be the same punishment as killing of a pet. All murder punishments should be based on IQ and personality. For instance, if the murder victim was a fiendish thieving bitch, who was addicted to hard drugs, the penalty should be light. But if the murder victim was a high IQ person who was a loving and fair-minded person, the punishment for the murder should be more. Justice should not be blind. So for instance, if a woman aborts a rape-baby at three months, the punishment should be less than 8 months abortion punishment, and also less punishment than a 3 months abortion of a baby of a higher-breed. For instance, it is important to differentiate an incel from a truecel. An incel may be a geek, of high-value to society, a truecel may be low IQ, ugly, with bad genes, of no value to society, thus aborting the baby of a truecel will be less punishment than a geekcel abortion.

To be on the safe side, abortion should not performed any longer than 4 weeks. After 4 weeks is when the nerves develop (1 month). Better safe than sorry. These are my views and should be the universal views of all sane human beings.

If some thot gets pregant by a chad, then she has ample time to decide an abortion (1 month.) I was arguing with an insane religious person, they believe souls are “assigned” to babies before there is a brain, this is absurd. However, once there is nerves (after 4 weeks) there may be a soul (better safe than sorry), so abortion should not be allowed after 4 weeks. The sad irony is if a thot is too dumb to decide if she wants an abortion after 4 weeks, then the baby is probably better off not having her as a mother, still it is murder though.

It is sad to me how psychopathic and hypocritical modern women have become. It is usually females pushing the abortion agenda, yet it is females that attend baby showers and pretend to say that babies are so adorable and cute. Women need to pick one, either they adore or hate babies, how can females go around pretending to love babies but aborting them all the time, it is sickening to me. This should be the universal opinion of all sane human beings, I proved this with science and logic.

This is unironically a high IQ post.

The explanation for this is so simple because it is derived from female behaviour in general.

Females hate babies and want them killed when they aren’t ready to have them. Females love babies more than anything else in the world when they are ready to have one.

In other words, what females hate and love is based entirely on their circumstances at any given moment and not on any higher principles what-so-ever.

It doesn’t feel pain before about 20 (18-24) weeks. The vast majority of abortions happen before this point (they would have missed five periods by then) and in many states it’s illegal to have an abortion after 22 weeks except to save the life of the mother. Nobody has an 8 month abortion unless they are going to die. It is incredibly uncommon and is probably a story used by conservative religious people to rally their base.

My mom had an abortion before me and she was very upset about it even to this day. She was still in school at the time. If she didn’t care she wouldn’t have been so upset.

Anecdotal evidence John. And I never said that all females are pro-abortion. My statement “how modern women have become” implies that modern women are different from the normal condition of women, this implies “modern women” are a separate subgroup, and thus implies NAWALT, this is very easy to deduce, John.

If it doesn’t feel pain till after 18-24 weeks then why does the New York law make it legal until 24? Shouldn’t it be 18 weeks? Explain that to me John. The law also states that abortions are legal for other reasons, not just to save the life of the mother, but to save the health of the mother and if the fetus is “viable”, “viable”, whatever that means.

24 weeks is actual pain, it begins to twitch visibly at 18 weeks. You can Google “how many weeks fetus feel pain” and read the results from nih (national institute of health) papers. I think the current limits are very reasonable.

Ummm…you are mistaken John. This paper debunks your claim about 24 weeks. Your claim hinges on the theory that consciousness only resides in the cerebral cortex, actually many believe consciousness is also in the spinal cord and neck area of the brain as well.