Ok finally done redesigning

wanted those avis to be bigger and for discourse to look more traditional so was editing the stylesheets for a day lol

I thought my laptop wasn’t loading when I saw the big Avis lol


If you need some coding work done let me know

The CSS code is currently like 30 pages lol
Need to remove bulk

at some point i am going to try to figure out how to code the topics list to have more columns like this page below

Just not there yet. Thats the only major thing left. Although if you wanna help code plugins for the site, thatd be cool. Working on that as well. Do you code for a living?

Yeah the columns are easy to implement. Just takes time. I have coded sites before. Like letsbeef.com and other rap battle websites. Not for a living but just because it was fun and I wanted to test myself.