Once you are abandoned by your tribe, there is no going back

Have you ever seen those videos of an animal that gets abandoned by his tribe and humans end up having to take care of the animal and raise it? This is basically what happened to incels. Now of course humans are more complex, but the same primal urge is still there. The animal is usually too slow, has bad pheremones that indicates weak genes or disease, so the mother abandons the child and then humans take care of it. Then they try to release it back into its tribe or even others and it gets rejected and just ends up living with the human parents. Tell me this is not what happened exactly to incels?

Some of you may still be out im the world, but essentially youre a ghost, youre not there anymore. You may be in university, working, but you arent invited to talk with others at lunch breaks. You arent invited to the deep social circle events. Youre doing everything other people are doing, but youre still abandoned by the tribe. Youre like that animal who tries to rejoin the tribe but is limping along the others and the other animals gatekeep you from joining in with them.

I really dont think theres any hope for people like us. We are like those abandoned animals still living with the human parents. In fact many of us are so weak that we are still being taken care of by our parents.

Its just over.

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so… what, should we just ‘lay down and rot’? I mean that is an option, sure.
lately I’m more inclined to just go MGTOW.

I think I’m going to start doing my own thing and enjoying the life I have.
it may not be a great life, but its the one I got, and it won’t do anyone any good to give up.
I won’t sit here and tell you what to do, but I think we can find things in life to make us happy.

I hope you (@ThatsLife) and anyone reading this, has a great day today.


LDAR or keep being a ghost in society that you’re abandoned from.

Sometimes I think suicide is inevitable for me.

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Same but change it to the word homicide instead.