Online journal of Zero_Sum

This thread will sort of be like a journal for me concerning daily and monthly life experiences I encounter. It will be continuously ongoing as time goes on.

Now for my first post.

I’ll be at college sometimes eavesdropping on conversations by women attending to become doctors and nurses listening to them how they’re mentally dumb as a box of rocks where the only reason they’re attending is because their rich daddies are putting them through college more likely free of charge living rent free. These are the same overly entitled retarded bitches where their rich daddies buy them brand new vehicles and pay for their auto insurance monthly as well.

I think to myself that given the option of medical treatment by them I would probably just rather die on a gurney bed untreated because I wouldn’t let them touch me with a ten foot pole.

These retarded bitches would be better off staying at home making a man a sandwich.

They probably blow their professors for those A’s as well.

Definitely don’t want no skank like them operating on me.

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It’s America where literally thousands of skanks nationwide sign up with websites like SugarDaddy, of course they do.

Going back to college tomorrow for a second semester bros, I won’t be online as much as I’m going to be busy studying and doing school shit.

I’ll try to be online a couple of days of the week though.

I’m literally going to be surrounded by roasties and thots, they never talk to me though anyways. Wish me luck!

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I on the other hand would prefer them touching me all over especially in my erogenous places.

I feel like if a female nurse slept with the professor for good grades, that the least they could do is freely give sexual healing to their patients.

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What are you going to college for?

You’d have to pay me to go to such a wretched place. By pay I don’t mean a scholarship, or a scholarship+neetbux, I mean a scholarship+neetbux+extra money.


To be an electrician, I attend college in a scholarship program because I’m way below the national poverty level.

With these dumb broads becoming doctors they’re liable to replace your heart with one of your kidneys in open heart surgery.

I have to say I agree.

In addition to 2 years of experience at Community College, I have almost 6 years of full-time experience (Fall/Winter/Spring) in University.

It’s filled with the worst of the worst indoctrinated cunts. You get to listen to profs trash talk white males on occasion too, or even males in general. Most programs are 80% female so it all turns into an anti-male echo chamber.

But Zero_Sum is probably smart to go for a work degree at least. It pays off in the long run. And most of his courses probably won’t be cancerous simply because they have to teach him how to do something actually useful in real life.

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That my friend is the great thing about going for a trade. In all my courses there is like only one woman in a class full of guys. The women I’m referring to are the ones I pass by in the hallways.