Post your fantasies about what you'd do if Incels took over a country

Personally if I was the president of this country the first law I’d make is forced burqa on all women. Women will have the right to refuse but doing so will mean they have to undergo surgical removal of their breasts and a$$ so they will not tempt men with their evil.

I would also ban male circumcision because it has no benefits.

I’d also make it mandatory for every healthy female to be circumcised to prevent adultery, prostitution, and sexual degeneracy in society.

Finally I would abolish the marital rape laws and proclaim that that every man has the right to have sex with his wife 5 times a week. If he demands more than that she has the right to file for divorce.

Uhh… I’d have sex with the hot chick from the gym.

@Sharia Sounds too extreme to me. Women should be encouraged to dress modestly but not forced. And if they don’t dress modest, then there will be no government sponsored white knights to protect them (as individuals). This is not a draco/tyranny but the opposite of a draco/tyranny.


There will always be white knights. I saw a stat showing 60 to 70% of men are white knights who hold views such as when a woman maims her husband he deserves it.
We must use force. There’s no other language these inferior savages understand.
We incels, due to our high IQ, can think in more than 2 dimensions. When a white knight screams “Women must be cherished and respected!”, we ask “Why?”.


I’m glad incels will never take over a country. we’d burn it down. (and I don’t say that as a self-congratulatory anarchist way, I say that as a ‘sad fact’)

That’s kind of the point. This system is going to collapse in on itself because it is inherently dysfunctional. It is better to destroy it and rebuild rather than prolong the suffering needlessly before it falls anyway.

Regarding the OP… I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again… there’s some extreme/crazy ideas on here but ANYTHING is still better than what we’re stuck with now.

Good point.

How many times have we seen men blindly defend females in an irrational manner? When they can’t even explain? It’s because males are usually pretty rational, but females ruin their rationality and make them fucking idiotic. You can’t argue with idiots, only thing left is force.

High IQ individuals must take over and force society to run according to our vision of the greater good. Even if it isn’t perfect, it is at least an ATTEMPT at having some kind of coherent society instead of the fucking free-for-all we have now. There’s literally nobody even trying to improve society right now; it is in the hands of people who are ignorant, indifferent, or malicious. We have nowhere to go but up from here.

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I hate to disappoint you, but even in Islamic countries the women are still treated better. The burka is predicated that men are rapey.
Gynocentrism > Any political system

Burka places responsibility on women not on men. Basically “Cover yourself you filthy whòre so you won’t tempt the honorable and moral men”. I think I read it’s a quote from the Quran.

@G-Flake islamics do not treat women good they stone them for being blatant rape victims.

@Sharia you can’t go around calling people savages when you advocate for savage policies that are more savage than even ancient barbarians would accept.

70% of men are bad people and you don’t defeat men by acting like them. Advocating more backwards policies that are even more backwards than barbarians isn’t going to help men evolve into better people.

My utopia, the symbiosis utopia, is the answer, there is no deception, if you are a woman and agree to a favor, the HUD will tell you that you owe them sex. There is no deception no ability for women to exploit males, women caught exploiting will get bad karma rating on the meter. And it is also a based society that doesnt beat around the bush when it comes to sex, there is none of this “sex is taboo” crap that allows women to exploit and shame males.

How is stoning rape-victims good? You’re like the most deranged person I’ve ever met.

Where did you pull 70% from?

And that’s still better than the 100% figure from females. That’s if we’re considering them as people though.

I was talking to Sharia, he said that 70% of men are bad people.

70% of men and 100% of females might be ignorant and evil, sure. The survival of an advanced civilization depends on the 30% of intelligent and righteous males to suppress the rest of humanity for the greater good.

Notice the elites do everything in their power to attack this group of males. They’ll even deny the importance of IQ even though it is the best and most predictive construct by objective statistical measures to ever come out of Psychology (so in denying IQ it makes no sense for them to even bother with anything else from the entire discipline unless they’re blatantly biased, which they are).

@Restart80 It doesn’t make sense that 100% of females are evil. Estrogen is supposed to promote moral behavoir, testosterone promotes aggression and anti-social behavoir. Idk why modern women seem to be more anti-social than men.

I’m not sure what country you’re talking about, but I’ve heard that women in Islamic countries who get caught cheating say they are raped. The man gets executed and the woman lives.

Says who?

Muslims don’t fall for female wickedness. They’re wising up to it. Like that Danish hoe in Dubai who accused a Sudanese guy of rape. The police took her in and asked “are you sure you just didn’t enjoy it?” and they threw her ass in prison. Of course all the white knight cucks in the West began screaming in outrage till the Chad Muslims said fine we’ll give you back your whòre.

Maybe different if she’s foreign.

No. All hòles are the same. Muslims have wised up to this. They know it.
I don’t know if it’s religious. Maybe semitic people are just inherently wise to female nature.