Pretty much all men are mean to unattractive women jesus christ

Hate being bisexual, I might just try to only stick to girls.

After transitioning men avoid me like the plague, at least when I was a dude I got SOME friendly attention. Not even so sure I can make friends with men anymore :frowning:

They just have to do something mean to me

Can’t just ignore me

I’m gonna make some lampshades, and I need you as an assistant. i’m looking for an individual to truly associate with. I dont go outside because i just feell like i’ll be rejected again. I need someone to actually feel connected with and feel one with. please no troll or bait. I just wanna get to know someone

lampshades? lolwut

So you were born as a man and had an operation to be a woman? Or the other way round?

If that’s the case then all straight men would avoid you. No straight guy would want to be in a relationship or have sex with someone that was born as a man

That’s not transphobic. It’s just a choice


I would just like a male friend at the very least IRL. Men are so much more lookist than women it is fucking unreal.

Most of my day is just dilating my vagina, eating Ramen, and watching netflix.

Thank god for autismbux, would be dying on the street otherwise.

TMI just tmi

dang, I’m sorry you feel that way.
tbh, I was under the impression that the hardest part about dating as trans was staying away from chasers.

that is not my experience, men are usually much more lax when it comes to standards but you may know more than most about it… :neutral_face:

Are these “mean men” your looksmatch or below?

Really all men. They can be fat, poor, rich etc

It is kinda like they only make friends with people they are willing to be intimate with later down the line and I do not seem to meet that qualification.

Why don’t you meet the requirement? Most sub4 men will have sex with almost any woman.

I think what OP is getting at is that men frequently do not show basic courtesy/respect to women they find unattractive. I know this is true because I’ve done this before and probably still do it to some degree. I’m not talking about sexual interest, since naturally you’re only going to show that to people you find attractive; rather, I mean acting dismissive and hostile towards unattractive women in non-sexual interactions. I don’t think this pattern of behavior is exclusive to men at all, but I do think men are perhaps worse at being polite to uggos.

Jfl, women are the worse when it comes to dealing with ugly men. Look at guys like saint bagelcel for example, he gets treated very badly by most ■■■■■ just because he’s short and chubby, but men don’t treat short and chubby ■■■■■ anywhere near as bad.

Mmm i cant Say i agree but maybe I’m just an anomaly.

Not even God likes ugly

It’s in the Bible

The bagel guy was roundly mocked because he melted down in a bagel shop at strangers who had nothing to do with his romantic disappointments and neuroses. That’s another occasion entirely from the sort of interaction OP describes. OP is talking about whether people will have a friendly chat with you, not whether they will match with you on a dating app, or whether they will make fun of you for losing your shit in a cafe.

You think ■■■■■ are ok with unattractive men just wanting to chat to chat with them? ■■■■■ are know for being cunts to unattractive men, not the other way around usually.

What’s ■■■■■

Slang for ‘women’ from /r9k/