Probably gonna start advertizing this site

we have a userbase without advertizement but knajjd was randomly insulting this site on so gonna actually try to make this one big now through FB ads and such

Maybe use Google ads? Some advertising is super invasive but Google ads aren’t too bad.

cool. should maybe include the rules and/or intent too (Non-violent and Gender Inclusive).
most people have a preconception about incels.

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You mean the preconception where we hate modern culture?

Because that one is accurate.

That’s you. Not all of us


I mean the preconception that we hate literally everything everywhere.
but eh :man_shrugging:

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Our society seems to have a problem with the word “hate.” As in hate is bad 100% of the time, no matter what.

Is it bad to hate evil?

That’s a good logic. I never thought about it that way.

Hating rape, communism, feminists, modern women and so on is a good thing.

Yeah, hating rape (and rapists, even alleged ones) is good according to them. So surely, hating other things must be good too?

Oh no, wait, that’s just an excuse they use to stifle dissent and discourage people from challenging their retarded ideologies.

They want to keep it a war in which only one side shows up. Feminists, Communists, etc are allowed to hate but their opposition is not allowed to hate them back. This is exactly how they got this far in 2019. No, we need hate. We need to hate them more than they hate us. This is a social disease that will never resolve on its own; it needs to be crushed. There is no “struggle for equality”, it’s a struggle for power.

And may I ask the reader to consider something. What is the difference between a powerless woman and a powerless man? The answer is that nobody is going to save the powerless man.

In a way, then, women WANT power. Men NEED power.

And needs trump wants. Therefore, in a truly just world, men should be in positions of power.

Lol nothing you said makes any sense. Everything you say can be flipped around you just don’t like looking at the other side it seems.

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Flip flop flip flop, everything I said makes perfect sense.

And that’s ignoring the fact that men are unjustly being pushed out of positions in favor of women through preferential treatment. The education system itself is feminist.

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We don’t mind the opposition hating us. They can hate all they want, but their arguments are shit and don’t hold up to scrutiny, which is why we don’t care. The issue is when we aren’t even allowed to speak or fight back.

@JoeyHandz @Restart80 I think communism is taken out of context. Like they say that China is communist. China has a higher wealth inequality coefficient than the United States, and it’s so called “Communist”. Real communism is supposed to be about the removal of class hierarchies and making wealth equal. Now I don’t think it’s possible to actually equalize all wealth, but I think that some people have way more money than necessary to be happy and other people have less, and the people with more money can give some. Like I read that overall happiness stops going up at about $70,000 USD per year. To be honest, I don’t think having a big lavish house makes people more happy, but people still pay for it.

I think that there can and should be a more equal wealth distribution. Like some people just inherit tons of money and don’t have to earn any. I don’t think that’s fair. Right now the first $11.2 million per person of inheritance in the USA is tax free, so if my parents had $22.4 million in cash and they both died and left that money to me, I would have $22.4 million and not have to pay any taxes on that. I wouldn’t have to work or anything a day in my life. That’s not fair. That money should go to schools, infrastructure, housing, etc. If you divided all the wealth on Earth by the number of people, each person on Earth would have a net worth of about $51,600, but the median (most common number) for a human on Earth is about $4,000 in net worth, and many of the people that number is virtually nothing. 1 Billion people out of 7 billion don’t even have electricity. That’s basically most of Africa. Even within the US if you take all the wealth and divide it by the number of people, the average net worth is like eight times what the typical net worth is. Rich people don’t need that money. It doesn’t make them any happier. Wealth should be distributed more equitably. Ultimately I think that human happiness is what’s important and some people have way more money than can make them happy and they should give some. I don’t believe in tyrannical government like “Communist” China, but with more wealth inequality than the US, there isn’t much economically “Communist” about China. To me it appears to be capitalism but with government tyranny.

Ultimately I think that America should be more like the European, Scandinavian countries. Universal healthcare, better safety nets, and a more equal distribution of wealth. Heck, even Canada has it better than the US, with a higher average happiness score. The reason they have a higher happiness score is because money goes from the very rich to programs like universal healthcare, better education, and safety nets. Ultimately I believe that happiness is the most important thing and these other countries have it happier.

Source for money stats:
Happiness score:

I agree that there is a decreasing rate of increase with regard to the relationship between the amount of money you have and happiness. In theory, total welfare in society would be maximized if every individual was around that ideal.

More stuff doesn’t make someone happier. More freedom or time, however, generally does. A lot of people fail to balance these in favour of more stuff as if our highest purpose in society is to acquire as much stuff as possible.

I agree that full blown Capitalism has its faults because money quite literally controls the country, and not just the economy. Money = Power, and so we see the buying of politicians and crooks using their money to control legislation in order to get even richer.

I think certain policies are good when taken in a vacuum, but don’t interact well with other policies. For example, easily accessible welfare becomes a much bigger problem if you are opening your borders to the world. We can’t afford to take care of the whole world.

I think that if certain Socialist programs are to be successful, we need to focus on benefiting the resident middle class. After all, the middle class has been shrinking overtime due to a combination of Capitalist abuse and inefficient government policies. When speaking about the poor vs rich, the shrinking middle class that is getting sandwhiched between them is the one being overlooked. A thriving middle class has always been essential to Western Civilization.

How much do you honestly pay for hosting a month? I’ve run torrent seedboxes on a budget and I still had money for booze.

The domain is like $15 a year (the same registrar uses), and the server is $120 a year. So around $11 a month, plus I host other sites on it.

So basically, the price of a gym membership. $10 a week.

I was tempted to suggest donations… but then again, speaking from experience… when it comes to providing free content online, donations really only ever work for big creators, not small-time creators… which is sad because it’s really small-time creators who need donations the most. heh!

I just don’t think that ad-revenue has a place in 2019, let alone a future… considering how easy it is to install adblock these days.

It’s hard to fund a website these days unless whoever is running it, is also running a business selling something related to the site. (probably 75% of the known web)

I guess your only remaining option is to find ways to cut costs… possibly by running a home-server and use Cloudflare for faster loading times.

the yearly cost is about 2 weeks doing surveys on amazon turk, its fine

This thread was about me spending more money to advertize this place on Facebook

Although if for some reason I cannot afford to host the site in the future, I will just file a trade name for the site and put adsense ads on the site

ad revenue seems to work for a few other incel sites vis-a-vis costs, $120 a year really isnt that much

most modern gender forums pirate xenforo forum software, given we dont do that, we dont have to worry about being shut down randomly or having to fork over $140+ a year for Xenforo licenses