Reject the b pill

Will will like this

It was good until he said ‘your future kids’ then I felt sad and angry and felt like punching him and calling him an insensitive piece of shit

yeah, I agree, that was pretty good.
I personally don’t think the worlds needs me, people exist when and how they exist.
some people are “dealt a bad hand” but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist, I totally agree.
I think a lot of the time we make ourselves more miserable than we should.

also, when he said “you’re future kids” he could’ve just changed that to “future generations” and it would have the same meaning.

it’d still be wrong, I’ve never heard anyone thank a past generation for living life. but his message was a good one.

The whole pill language is dumb imo. EIther supporting or rejecting it. The whole pill thing is a political movement, and using the words seriously seems to legitimize the whole thing.

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Pretty interesting argument tbh