Researchers at the Yale school of business did an experiment to teach Capuchin monkeys to use money

they gave coins to the monkeys which they could put in vending machines to get grapes, cubes of jello, etc. the experiment had to be stopped when the female monkeys became prostitute…

…and all the male monkeys started starving themselves to death.

I had a Psychology professor show some kind of video like this many years ago in Community College. It’s funny because I didn’t actually process how woke that was at the time. I was still partially brainwashed in my late teens and sort of blew it off. “Oh, well that only applies to monkeys… surely humans aren’t like that… right?”

Believe me, equality sounds incredible which is why it can be hard to relinquish as a concept. But males and females will never be equals. If we were equals, I wouldn’t be Incel in the first place. I probably wouldn’t even know about Incel today. Period.