Researchers: Sex Robots Should Have ‘Consent-Modules’

Researchers: Sex Robots Should Have ‘Consent-Modules’

So if they can’t ban sex robots, they want them to give consent. WTF is happening on this rock called clown world?!?

If this gains traction, men need to put a ban on dildos and vibrators just as much.

Lmao, “consent modules.”

So are they supposed to reject the Incels then (just like all real females do)? Will men need to decipher their cryptic bull shit to unlock it? Nobody that actually needs them would buy them then.

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I think it was more along the lines of putting it in peoples brains that sex without consent is off limits.
personally I imagine these modules wouldn’t turn off, and thats the appeal. you’d have a “companion” always ready to love you.
but sex should never exclude consent. and I think thats what the intention is.

You know that’s not the intent.

These so called “researchers” are radical feminists hellbent on maintaining their monopoly as sexual gatekeepers while hypocritically referring to themselves as oppressed. Most Incels never rape, and actually tend to prefer consensual sex even conceptually. The whole “consent” hysteria is their attempt to attain the moral high ground as a front to their cartel.

They deserve every ounce of hatred they get. They deserve to be unapologetically purged from society once and for all.

“In particular, we argue virtue ethics is well equipped to focus on the implications of sex robots for human moral character.”

If they care THAT much about “human moral character” then they would have realized it went down the shitter ages ago and done something to stop their own cancerous movements.

well, these two radical feminists are both dudes…
I was just about to quote a different part when you said that, I was going to point out:

…activists argued that sex robots normalize violence against women.
We suggest that a sex robot which is equipped with a consent-module could support the cultivation of compassion when used in supervised, therapeutic scenarios.

I don’t think, based on that, that they want to maintain some sort of sexual monopoly.

to be frank, it doesn’t matter anyway. people will sexualize anything, and throw a tantrum at everything. you can’t please everyone.
if a doll makes someone happy, I say go for it. if a consent module makes people happy, no problem with me either.
but I’ve got plenty of other things to be mad at than people wanting to put said consent module that (as best I can tell) doesn’t exist, into a doll I don’t own.

  1. They don’t “normalize” violence against women, and violence against women is nothing special. Men as a whole experience more violence in their lives than women do. Even domestic violence alone is a near 50/50. So that’s a crock of nonsense. Feminism itself normalizes violence against women more than anything else, I would bet.

  2. Yeah not at the present, but this is the future. Just the fact that these sexbots might be making a lot of ■■■■■■ uncomfortable about losing their cartel brings me much glee.

  3. The fact they think Incels need to “cultivate” compassion is retarded. Many Incels are nicer people than the jack asses who already have girlfriends right now, and that’s even counting the fact they would probably be nicer if not for them being Incel. Not to mention the absolute lack of compassion they experience themselves, making it difficult for them to find a reason to reciprocate compassion solely as a result of how modern females behave. What a crock of shit.

Note: Male Feminists deserve the same fate. They’re even worse for being ■■■■■ and traitors to their own gender. Throwing the vast majority of males beneath the bus for some brownie points (typically older males doing this at the expense of younger males).

my point was that I don’t think they are feminists. but I don’t know them and I didn’t read much about them personally. so really I don’t know.

either way, it wasn’t the researchers who were claiming that “sex robots normalize violence against women.” it was the activists. I think the researchers were just trying to appease them, which sure, it may have done more harm than good to try and appease activists, but they weren’t the ones saying that.

also, they never mention incels, at all. granted everything they said was pretty vague, this was just a hypothetical solution to a theoretical problem. I don’t think this is worth us getting ticked off about.

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That’s literally not the point of owning a sex robot. It’s for relieving that stress of pure sexual desires, everyone here has common sense to not commit sex crimes. A consent module is a waste of money.

There seems like a conspiracy meant to prevent sexual happiness from happening in the world. A society that is sexually unsatisfied is easier to control.

True to an extent.

But when it gets taken too far, it can backfire. And run horribly out of control.

They calculated everything in advance. They knew that thirsty men would do anything to get a girl including not making a fuss about her politics. Once they control the female politics then they control the politics of males, since males will not give a fuss about politics lest they be dumped by the female. Secondarily they considered that sexually frustrated males become either one of two ways: undisciplined, disorderly, competitive and toxic, or, depressed and lethargic, thus would be unable to effectively unite with one another in any real way.

yeah… nooo…

I disagree that men OR women are so easily manipulated for some sort of power grab.
plus, if it were the case, it wouldn’t last for those “pulling the strings”.

It’s called gynocentrism. This is nothing new… :roll_eyes:

@clem um no

lol, “no” to what?
you can disagree with me, thats fine. I just don’t know what you’re disagreeing with.