■■■ is censored. S O Y!!!

A 3 letter word that not even the mainstream media considers offensive is censored on a forum that is overflowing with awkward-no-pussy-getting woman-hating dudes. LMAO!

honk honk

There’s actually quite a few cuckies here, so it kind of makes sense.

What is actually up with people who use incel forums but cannot make more than 4 posts until they just start insulting weak and feminine men? And then sometimes just go right into incel shaming to boot when exposed to enough stuff they don’t like? It’s almost as if 40% of people that use incel forums are not incel.


or they are incels and just want to insult others as badly as they feel.

If those “weak and effeminate men” are glorifying females and acting a tad bluepilled then they deserve to be put in their place just the same.

Doing that is part of the problem. If every guy stopped doing it then females would be at our mercy.

“if everyone in the world would do what I think is best, it would fix this problem”
dude… come on.

Bottom line is you shouldn’t have to put much if any effort into getting a girlfriend in 2019. Because if you do, then they don’t consider you desirable to start with and you’re just wasting your time and being exploited by an insincere harlot.

You either encounter someone who just really wants you and puts effort in for you, or you escortmaxx. Anything else is bull shit and enables female entitlement.

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yeah. I get that. but shouldn’t we also put in the effort if we find that person?
I feel like you’re saying we should only put in the effort if the other person does too. and that makes sense. I agree.

but, who starts? the one who was attracted maybe? that sounds reasonable.

isn’t that the human paradigm, females are the pretty ones and attract the males?

don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that males should do everything, or that the only reason we can’t find partners is because we don’t put in effort.
I’m just saying that not putting in any effort isn’t going to attract anyone either.

You sound like those females who say “I don’t mind equality when it comes to paying for dates; the one who asks should pay.”

And 99% of the time that is a male…

You don’t seem to get it. What the fuck does a female even do for a male in 2019 besides offering sex? In return she expects the male to go through the stress of making the first move, paying for dates, keeping her constantly entertained, dealing with her mental instability, willing to accept she will just up and ghost at any moment, etc etc. She thinks sex will just solve ALL her problems instantly. It’s like playing a game with a Gameshark. It’s fucking BULL SHIT.

May as well just escortmaxx. Modern females are fucking garbage.

@william Many incels are physically frail, weak and beta males, they use the word cuckold unironically because it refers to a cuckold situation, which is a man being content with another man sleeping with his girlfriend.

The rage started from, a feeling of emasculation, being denied freedom of expression by a society. The tragedy is that, being denied freedom of expression themselves, they want to deny others freedom of expression, such as when they shame feminine attributes in males.

@clem, Unfortunately, society, and existence, is set up in an anti-male way, so in 90% of cases the male must put most of the effort, the exception being chads. Someday hopefully it will not be like this, and we will all live free from the misery of this current paradigm.

hmmm. I’ll grant you that, I don’t seem to get it. but I appreciate that we can still have a conversation about it.
um, serious question. I won’t argue with your answer, and no matter what you say, I won’t try to make it sound like it “proves my point”. I’m just actually asking.
have you ever been in love?
I realize that may sound like a stupid question considering why we’re here
but I mean previously. (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to)

yeah, that’d be nice. I don’t think that’ll ever happen though. I think I’m too cynical to hope for a utopian future.

Yeah I believe I have had some feelings approximating love. I’ve had romantic ideation since my early teens at least.

Females themselves are not capable of love. So again, they can’t offer anything other than sex.

okay, thats close enough. I was just asking for perspective.

dude, come on, I know you’re angry, but thats just hyperbolic. of course, women are capable of love.
if they weren’t… (jeez where do we start) why are romance movies a huge industry?

just because we (you and I, among others) can’t find partners, doesn’t mean an entire gender can’t feel love.
there are loads of reasons per person that make finding love difficult, but that doesn’t mean half the species is “trash”.

that’s not true because people (incels included) want more than just sex. if they (we) didn’t then just pay for it, and move on.

also, if you really feel that way about women, have you considered being gay?
(that sounds like I’m insulting you, but I’m not)

I was told by several online over the course of a few years that they loved me, and making promises. It always ends with them ghosting me, failing to keep promises, and turning out they never gave a shit about me all along.

There’s no fucking excuse. I’ve NEVER seen any real evidence of female love. All I have seen is attempts to manipulate, control, exploit.

What we want doesn’t matter. What men want does NOT matter. Nobody fucking cares. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it or that it even exists for you. That privilege is reserved for females only. The reality is that if you aren’t desirable to females in the natural sense then don’t even think about it. Just Escortmaxx and pretend the rest don’t exist. This is coming from someone who doesn’t even like the idea of doing that. It’s just there’s no discernible difference between a pseudo-■■■■■ and a ■■■■■ except the second case is less effort and you get the same thing.

No, what a fucking stupid suggestion. Obviously DSR would be a breeze if I were gay but I am definitely straight, and would sooner just wish for asexuality. It’s not how I feel. It’s what I have witnessed and experienced, analyzing everything that has happened. And I really, truly, have never encountered ONE exception. All I see are females that virtue signal and look for orbiters at best, or THOTs and pseudo-■■■■■■ at worst.

I’m sorry to hear that. I know personally that hurts.
I wasn’t going anywhere with that, I just wanted to offer my condolences. I know pain too.

I know what you mean. I feel like that daily.
but I’m not ready to give up yet. maybe someday I will give up, but for now I want to believe that I’ll find someone who wants to be with me. just because all my experiences up until now indicate that no-one has loved me, doesn’t mean that no-one ever will.

as far as trying to be gay. thats fine. I’m not trying to convince you, I was just asking.

Do you believe homosexuality is a choice or not? All you progressive types claim it isn’t a choice and that is why it is valid. If it’s a choice then why are we even encouraging it?

I’d rather jump off a fucking building on the day I turn 30 than do that.

I believe lifestyle is a choice. I also believe that some people are more susceptible to certain sins than others.
like drinking, for some people its a life long problem, for others its a non-issue.
(just because I believe homosexuality is a sin doesn’t mean I’m going to condemn people I don’t know)

oh, actually I’m not progressive, I’m conservative.

I won’t tell you to be gay or not be gay, but I will tell you not to jump off a bridge :slightly_smiling_face:
I realize you weren’t stating an actual plan, I’m just saying your life is worth living.

People who drink or do drugs for no reason other than high impulsivity are subhuman tbh. I can only sympathize with the ones who do it because they hate their lives so much that it’s the only way they can even sustain their existence.

I might end up on something too soon, the way this is all going. I’m sick of feeling so negative all the time every single day through no fault of my own.

I’ve NEVER drank, smoked, or done drugs myself. I’m in the very cleanest percentile of the population in that regard. In fact I’ve done pretty much everything I was supposed to from my early teens onward, you know, delayed gratification and all that, and STILL hate my fucking life.

Note: In addition to zero alcohol and zero smoking, I minimize my exposure to sunlight and have been doing so for years in order to attempt to slow my rate of apparent ageing.