Savage blackcel rapes woman 4 times then chases her naked down high street and leaves bag and wallet behind pure low inhibition

Jesus lol, fucking banderas

prostitution is easier


I actually never knew anyone that got raped. I suppose it pretty much never happens.

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“is facing years in prison”? it’s times like this I wonder why the death penalty is vilified.
I mean, at least life-long conscription or something.


This is what happens when you let blacks into your country

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Something like 1/100000 women actually get raped. Still too many but it is exaggerated big league.

Wait, how do you know he is an incel? There’s hardly information about him aside from this and that he is a trainee solicitor at a a law firm.

Just because no one has told you that they’ve been raped doesn’t mean that they haven’t it just means that they don’t feel comfortable confiding in you specifically…

He dindu nuffin

You guys are framing a strong black man who’s independent and a victim of the white society

The 1/6 or whatever is bull shit. It’s from surveys that use very loosely defined “Sexual harassment” (i.e. ugly guy looks at you wrong) and then count it as rape. Many researchers are misandrist pieces of shit.

I’m actually surprised he was Incel.

I mean, black guys have the race card and seem popular with white girls.

Probably has something to do with him being a Lawyer or having some actual intelligence.

“Police were able to catch him because he left his rucksack, with his work identification inside, at the scene.”

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Ya the definition is loose but it’s not 1/1000000 women that get raped.

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