Somatype sexual selection

I think the most incel somatypes are endomorphs #1 and ectomorphs #2.

I am an endomorph, and my body type is meant to store fat. The only people on earth who really have this bodytype and put it in its natural use is the inuit/mongol people who live in extreme cold environments where their body needs to store as much body fat as possible. So it makes sense women wont sexually select for a body type that is not useful in its natural environment.

The second most incel bodytype is ectomorph. However ectormorphs are highly sought after by women if they have forward growth in their face. The only way an ectomorph is incel, is if he has a very recessed jaw/chin/face.

The most sought after bodytype for women all over the world is mesomorph. This is the classic ‘‘chad thundercock’’, 6’2 220 of pure muscle jock. Most women are sexually selecting this somatype.

So I have the most incel somatype. High estrogen, holds onto fat, higher rates of diabetes and heart disease, wide hips… Fucking garbage clown world honk honk.

You can get in shape if you work out hard enough. I assume you have the time and money required to go to the gym regularly.

ultra c ope. Lots of incels are twigs and dont hold on to fat at all. Also I know a ton of fat guys that have wives and girlfriends.

I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either, I’m just fucking pathetically average looking and to be average looking in this modern world means death.

fat guys who get women are all in the beta bux age range which is 35+ I only see tall, skinny white guys with girlfriends here where I live.

i knew a fat alpha male who would get laid with randoms females, not a beta bux at all.

yes tall skinny guys get girls. But i thought your thesis was that being too slim is incel.

Also wide hips and big butts are universally attractive. Girls like big butts on a guy. In fact on the pics of body types, mesomorphs have the widest hips so your thesis makes no sense.

Is he over 6ft tall? women DO go for tall confident fat guys like Vaush.

I said ectomorphs (tall and skinny) guys are usually incel if they don’t have forward growth in their face.

Mesomorphs have the classic ‘‘V Taper’’ look, they have narrow hips and broad shoulders. Endomorphs have wide hips, which most women don’t find attractive.

No he was less than 6ft tall.

Define “wide hips”. Mesomorphs have smaller hips but more of an hourglass figure. Endomorphs have flat hips. Hip angle is more important than width. Endomorphs also have apple shape overall and belly flab, making belly equal width to hip.


There is every evolutionary advantage to having wide hips, and no evolutionary advantage to having small hips.

Bigger hips mean more torque generated during hand to hand combat and labor. Also means more stability and balance.

Of all 3 women, chadsexual, bisexual, and lesbian, all 3 are attracted to angled hips. If they are not attracted to endomorphs it is because of belly fat reducing the hourglass figure and hip angulature. There is no evolutionary advantage to male apple shape or storing fat in belly. Belly fat reduces health and vitality.