Stuff you’d like to do with a partner

I think it would be nice to meet someone who appreciates naturalism and the outdoors. I go birdwatching at state and county parks pretty frequently, in addition to feeding the birds in my backyard (mostly grey catbirds, cardinals, house finches and chipping sparrows). I also think it would be nice to start keeping a butterfly garden—a friend of mine has one on his property and it’s very pleasant to just sit there and observe all the activity.

Museums are cool. I think visiting an art or natural history museum would be a fun date.

As far as movies go, I’m mostly a dilettante, but I like watching old MosFilm features.

I do enjoy drawing and reading, but these are more like solitary activities, barring some type of book club situation.

How about you?image


falling asleep with someone



web design

if I were to travel back in time, a variety of different outdoor activities

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Bike riding
Complaining about capitalism
Meme quoting
Practice Hindi
El fuq
YouTuber fangirling

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What’s el fuq

Is that how Mexicans fornicate

I’m srs I don’t get it

I just want to kiss and cuddle. Maybe go outdoors every once in a while, but I’d prefer to stay in bed a lot. I just need validation and physical affection.


Video/PC Gaming
Complaining about Cultural Marxists / Communists
Other strategy games (card games, board games, role-playing games)

Apparently females don’t care about common interests that much, which I really don’t understand since it wouldn’t leave much to talk about.

That’s a glittering generalization, don’t do that lol. I’m a girl and I used to be a twitch streamer and anime fan when I had time.

You can easily find all these if you request it.

Not sure what you meant by this qualification about time travel. Are you a big fan of the Cretaceous period?

Video games, park dates, and just a lot of sex.

nah, when I was with my ex, we used to play video games together all the time (almost everyday) and those are most of my favorite memories of being with her.

I say that to say: don’t lose hope.

If I fr had a bf I don’t even want anything other than that but I’d do whatever he wanted ofc.

that’s important to remember, because a good partner will want to do what makes you happy, in the same way.
none of us should settle for someone who only wants their own fulfillment.

Would you kill a person for him?


Hang out go to movies, dinners, travelling the world, getaways, swimming, yoga, dancing, cuddling, and have sex.

hold hands