Tell me how your daily life is and how you deal with people

So I want to rejoin soyciety after 5 years of being NEET. But I hate people and im afraid of getting bullied and normies smelling my awkwardness. What are some good tips to deal with peoples egos? any stories of you being yelled at or treated like shit by coworkers or boss? how do you deal with the insanely narcissistic normie population?


its over. Grown men ghost and ignore and are anti-socials, its not even just thots being thots. The human race is cancerous.

yeah the levels of meglomania and narcissism are the worst ever in human history. The average normie has the ego of a pharo of ancient egypt of ghengis khan.

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it makes me wonder, are most incels really alone because we don’t have the malignant narcissism of normies? would I even want to hang out with young women? 95% of young women 18-26 have the ego of el chapo and pablo escobar. Most women generally think they are above every single person they meet in their daily life. Most incels were probably gnostics/hermeticists/kabbalists in our past lives.


Most normies dont have meglomania. Meglomania is not always a bad thing, for instance maybe someone wants to make a better world of less suffering.

I don’t think narcissism adequately describes normie behavoirs. Normies aren’t human enough to even have narcissism or grandiose fantasies. They are like animals (chimps) who obey primitive social hierarchies and rudimentary behavoirs.

so kim kardashian isn’t a narcissist? kanye west isn’t a narcissist? and apes in general are cocky and clearly narcissistic in their own primate world.

For one you picked two people that are literally the farthest thing from normies.

kanye west is ultra based and makes empathetic songs about real things.

hes still a narcissist, and no, most normies have the ego of them both is what im saying,

I get through it knowing that in ten years or less we will be facing global economic collapse, World War III, and probably civil war within every nation on earth simultaneously overnight.

I no longer get upset at people who treat me like shit because in my mind within ten years or less eighty five percent of them will be dead anyways.

Obnoxious f-oids no longer bother me either because what I described above will force many of them to suck dicks for a can of beans just so they don’t starve to death or so they don’t get violently gang-raped by a group of twenty armed men down the road for protection. What goes around, comes back around again. When a woman upsets me I just imagine them digging food out of dumpsters in the future, makes me feel better every single time.

I’ve learned to simply just let go of things and go with the flow of the absurdity of this world because in the back of my mind judgement day is on the horizon just around the corner anyways. I just go through the grueling monotonous daily routines of things with a smile and a shit eating grin on my face now. I live life very stoically, in constant deep contemplation, and a sort of meditative state of mind.

Also: Cigarettes, porn, video games, reading, writing, self education, self improvement, and repeat. That’s pretty much my daily routine when I am not at my wagie job or attending college.

I never consented to this ride (or lack of ride) tbh. Therefore celibacy is a violation of my consent.

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To understand this world one must understand pain, suffering, chaos, social inequality, hypocrisy, duplicity, deception, false pretensions, greed, conspiracy, and evil. Get acquainted with all of that and the better off you’ll be surviving in it.

Survival should never be the goal it should always be thriving and ascending.

Speaking of which when I was in 8th grade I thought nothing would be better for gaming than a battle royale survival game everyone for themselves, with hyper-realistic graphics. But now that such games are being made (fortnite, pubg, etc) I feel no interest in playing and prefer other games including games with non-realistic graphics. The idea of survival games that have no goal other than existing seems boring to me.

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I think of it this way: 3 subsets of people

A - are jerks - either an outright bully or thinly-veiled manipulative fake nice (on the fence to which is more annoying.) I think the key is: Would you really want to be friends with these people anyway? I keep all our interactions civil but brief as possible because we’re part of a society with laws but if we got stuck on a deserted island I’d probably eat them.
B- The vast majority of people have their own stuff going on. They may be superficially polite but are probably neutral toward you (not really an ally but not a threat)
C- true friends. Need to cherish these

I work a 9-to-5 jobs with occasionally hectic 2-3 month stretches. I’m generally polite and upbeat but try not to think about my job when I’m not there. I don’t pretend to be passionate about my work either (it’s not terrible but it’s not terribly exciting)

Basically try to be polite but kind of aloof. I don’t like talking about my personal life at work or in general so that makes it a bit easier perhaps.

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Just smile and vibe with everybody