The future is female

"Why are men retreating away and abandoning society at an alarming rate? "

As our gynocentric society of $fee-males$ evolves with its overly hyper competitive sexual marketplace guided economically completely by crony capitalism as we ride the myopic euphoria of the dying last final end stage of neo- liberal capitalism itself it’s becoming very interesting to watch the unproductivity of male members increase within society, and who could blame us men for that really?

A man’s psychological and physical health is completely tied in to his sexual relationships as well as the social bonds he forms with others in society. A man’s sense of self is directly tied to his sexuality from which he gains confidence and the motivation to be a productive member within society.

If you remove a man’s sexuality or his sexual impetus you’ve essentially removed a man’s life essence and will to survive for without sex along with the companionship of women, what is there exactly for a man to live and be motivated for? There is nothing that is replaceable for a man’s sex drive, lust, desire of family, desire for reproduction, or desired social companionship of women.

Basically as crude as it sounds, without pussy how are men suppose to be productive members in society exactly? There is no organized religion, political body, mass consumerism, video games, pornography, digital electronic mediums, internet connections, and material excess of consumption that will ever be satisfactory in replacing that void. None of that will ever amount to anything and even come close to that of women.

There will come a decade and I imagine not too far off in the distance of the future where after our current gynocentric societies have basically alienated,dehumanized, isolated, shunned, and exiled a majority of men those same very men will organize amongst themselves in mass. On that day, a majority of men considered no longer good enough for women will completely abandon civilization or society coming to the realization that they’re largely unwanted and when that happens if will be the most interesting event and spectacle that has ever happened to humanity in its entire history.

Can civilization exist without the majority of men that tirelessly labor, sacrifice themselves, and work just to keep it going? I think not.

Women collectively sing, praise, and chant in unison that the future is female but little do they understand or realize they have practically damned themselves.

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Based but not fully based.

Your conclusions are based but not your predictions. Robots will do all the hard jobs in the future and men will live in the lap of luxury. There will be a DNA alteration of all males. All males will be turned into beautiful males and have a choice to be turned into cpt. america chads or male lesbians.

By “male lesbian” do you mean being turned into a biological female while retaining the consciousness of a male? Because theoretically speaking I’d probably be fine being with an individual that has a male brain inside of an XX body. Compared to toxic femininity that sounds perfect.

Since males can do everything females can do better, would you say that future has no use for the female brain? Do we just make them cattle/sex slaves, with only males or original males being given free will since the female brain is inherently chaotic and demands to be controlled?

Even if such a thing wasn’t necessary, I still think it should be done as a punishment. They should face years of de-brainwashing. When they aren’t slaving away, they are watching videos reminding them of feminism and “NEVER AGAIN.”

The female brain will have to be studied further. Personally I think modern women are just more masculine and have the worst traits of men and women. I don’t think the female brain is all bad, in theory females should have more empathy and better taste. In theory because IRL we don’t see much of that anymore.