The joi of soi

I used to eat meat, but each day it started to grind on my soul. The grit and cartilage of the meat started to disgust me and started to make me feel unevolved. I realized eating meat did not make me happy and that I preferred the taste of certain non-meats. I call this, the joy of soi.

I will not lie, certain soi meats taste like crap. But it tastes good if you mixed it with eggs like a breakfast burrito, putting on Frank’s red hot sauce. There are also some vegetarian meats not made with soi, that taste very good. And there is a special brand of jerky that tastes very good. I used to eat fish jerky (fish candy) with fish sushi, but I had too much guilt, so I moved over to soi jerky and am very happy and content, I am actually addicted to the soi jerky and want to eat 3, maybe 4 bags worth.

I call this the joi of soi. soi has enhanced my spiritual development, it makes me feel more deep, emotional, and one with the universe. After soi I keep having very rich and exciting dreams. soi has helped me to meditate and reflect on things with more honesty. I see the world as it is, a dystopia with the possibility of a utopia. I look down on archetecture that doesn’t have harmonious feng shui, the Japanese have been eating soi for centuries, creating a harmony. This is a disharmonious world, the world is turning far too masculine, most of the immigrants pouring into the UK are harsh men, the world is losing its sacred energies which create a greater society. I realize now the absurdity of a world where beautiful, hot women roam the streets showing their beauty, a beuaty most males will never be able to touch. I admit it for what it is, a tyranny against the spirit and unfair to all males. soi has reinforced my belief that all beings need love, joy, and affection in this world.

So y foods are unironically healthy and tasty.

I think I’ll pass.

Also the world is turning more feminine, not more masculine. Look around you, everything is fake. Everything and anything is about sex, to keep the men thirsty and under control. Don Cherry literally just got fired for being Don Cherry after all these years.

The Japanese have the right idea with regard to a lot of things, but they are still plagued with feminism and need to dispose of it. Japanese men are not masculine and look at what is going on over there with “Herbivore men” and record numbers of virgins. Difficult to rise up against tyranny if there’s no masculinity to purge it out.

You can’t fight evil with kindness and acceptance. You need to deliver it justice, not care.

Lust is masculine, lack of aesthetics is masculine, overstimulation is masculine, laws are masculine. The 60’s were a lot more feminine, there were more freedoms, there was a lot more love, people had better taste, music was better, etc.

Nowadays its overstimulation, lust culture, rap music (masculine), bad taste and loud rude people everywhere, policemen in a totalitarian police state (males) trying to keep you down, invasion of male immigrants, etc. Women are far more masculine than before, women these days have very little feminine energy or compassion anymore.

Male shaming is just your cold masculine attitude, but applied to normies, they view males as the evil and not giving them compassion, etc.

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Don Cherry was fired for criticizing immigrants. Most immigrants are men.

You might as well remove your testicles.

Soi does not remove your testicles, it increases lust for females, I discuss this in my Looks>Personality thread.

Sôy increases estrogen and lowers testosterone. If your aim is to become a neutered male feminist who gets outraged when someone trivializes rape, then sôy is the best product you can dream of.

Any scientific evidence behind this or just hyperbole and pop news?

When I eat Stonewall Jerky it boosts my lust for cunt. That’s science. Maybe it is estrogen, estrogen can boost sex-drive. Outrage is not always a bad thing either, for instance outrage at the fact that so many females just want chads, is a noble outrage. People make a choice to praise the chadification of society, it is not caused by mere chemicals in the brain.

{{Citation needed}}


I might be late to the thread, but there is science behind this, soyi is recommended to lower testosterone levels (links to studies on the site)

So yeah, dont consume soyi if you want to keep your t levels

Untruthful news. The article states that polyunsaturated fats, such as the ones found in oils such as canola, soybean, corn, and cottonseed oil, may reduce testosterone, based on inconclusive results derived from a small sample size study. The other study in the article, says that he drank soi protein isolate for 54 days in order to reduce testosterone. In fact, one large review of 15 studies found that soi foods had no effect on testosterone levels.

How large a “sample size” should be for you, then?

Also, whats your source on that second one?

My source, is the link you provided. The link you provided, also said it was too small a sample size.

It’s unclear whether phytoestrogens such as ■■■ will lower testosterone/raise estrogen. Phytoestrogens generally have low estrogenic properties. One of the few exceptions is Pueraria Mirifica which some genetic males have taken to increase breast size. Some have experienced lowered sex drive/function (most likely due to a drop in Testosterone).

Since phytoestrogens bind to estrogen resceptors, they could potentially lower the amount of estradiol (the most powerful estrogen) in males. They do this by blocking endogenous estradiol that is converted from testosterone via aromatase. Males can have higher estradiol levels than post menopausal women.

You can read more about them here:

Estrogen boosts sex-drive, if pueraria reduces sex-drive it is because the type of estrogen it is does not behave like human estrogen. I suspect estradiol boosts sex-drive that is why males have higher amounts of estrodiol than women do. And also why pueraria reduces sex-drive, because the type of estrogen it is, it reduces amounts of estrodiol.