The Party-Animal Chad/Stacy might actually just be a Myth

Most millennials (people my age) that I’ve known really sit at home binge watching netflix. Even chads/stacies.

I don’t know if it’s a New Zealand thing but yeah, it’s certainly the case in my country.

That’s part of the reason why bars and night-clubs are going out of business, at least in my town. It’s cheaper to stay at home with a glass of wine than it is to go out and get smashed downtown.

I think a lot of incels might think that everybody else besides them is just having the time of their life when really… if you take a good peak outside, it’s really just a nuclear wasteland. And most people aren’t living a life that is much different from yours.

I’m not saying that there aren’t millennials who go out and party and go nightclubbing like they do in the movies… but this in my opinion is becoming increasingly rare and mostly it just applies to kids with rich parents.

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hmmm… interesting. I disagree, because I’ve seen plenty of people while doing the whole online dating thing who act and look like chads and stacies.

I live in the USA, in a cluster of many cities. There’s still a lot of night clubs where I’m at. A few have closed but if a new one opens won’t surpise me.

There’s different types of night clubs and bars with dance area. Some attract certain people. The 70s and 80s night clubs tend to attract more mature people, and I don’t necessaruly mean old. Another I went to one a few weeks ago and people were doing Latin dances, like Salsa. The ones that play the new music made of just cussing are where you’ll find what you might call Stacy and Chad. During summer there is a place where people still do slow dancing, but mostly very old people. A very few might be in their 40s.

Party animal or not Chad and Stacy is still Chad and Stacy