The real reason women fear rape

I’ve had an epiphany. I always wondered what it was about this 5-10 minutes of harmless sex that made women scream like banshees and act like the world is going to end. It’s because women know they have no other value than the h0le between their legs, and they expect massive payment for temporary usage of this h0le. They contribute nothing to society or civilization, they know this. The only thing they contribute is their h0le. If all guys get sex for free then women will lose their ability to manipulate and exploit us.

Rape usually isn’t 5-10 minutes…and it’s not harmless rape causes injury both physical and emotionally. Not only that but it effects many other areas of life. In particular being able to date anyone and trusting anyone. But what would I know I was only sexually assaulted.

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It’s due to the fact that they can bear children imo. That’s why they fear it more than men. Although men fear it too.


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Ah yes. Can’t have the ugly male passing on his genes. Worst thing on the planet. Worse than famine, genocide, and volcanic eruptions.
It’s almost like women are just walking eugenics machines.

Well they are nature in a way

Yeah. It’s an evolutionary mechanism built into them. Evolutionary biology isn’t a perfect science, but no worse than psychology.

I would say it’s maladaptive due to modern birth control, but considering the side effects of “The Pill” and the prevalence of STDs it’s probably still a good idea to be cautious of sex.

As for men fearing rape, it’s a lot more painful. Vaginas can accommodate babies coming out of them…

the day you have someone ram a blunt object inside you without your consent is the day I’ll ask for your opinion on how harmless it was.

women fear rape more than men, because it’s more likely to happen to a woman.

rape has nothing to do with passing on genes. rape is about power.

that is a completely ignorant statement. you should know better.
that is not the same thing. at all. again, you should know better.

this entire thread is wholly unacceptable.
I’m honestly surprised this thread is still open, this is supposed to be a non-violent forum.

theres a reason rapists and pedos are kept out of gen-pop in prison. because even criminals will beat the s##t out of scum like that.

I agree with Love.

I have a friend who was raped.
I’m no alpha, but I’d go to jail for what I’d do to the piece of trash who hurt her.
I’ll leave it at that…

this thread needs to be closed.


This is uhh false

please elaborate.

I cite this article

or any other that does actual research…

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White knights are the scum of the Earth. A bunch of sociopaths who view other men as nothing but competition for p*ssy that must be eliminated.
Btw most prisoners have done far worse things than put a penis in a vagina. And they also regularly rape the effeminate prisoners in the shower.
And “Rape is about power not sex” is feminist pseudoscience made up by Susan Brownmiller. You’re never gonna see gay men raping women.

The only reason you’re outraged about rape is because m’lady PERCEIVES it as bad, and being the white knight that you are anything that hurts m’lady’s precious feelings gives you a murderous rage.

I have agreed with many of the things you said Clem, but I’m not sure the Me Too movement is always good.

Tavis Smiley has become a victim of it and I think he’s innocent. Tom Brokaw was hurt by it too, but had many people defend him, including many female colleagues.

Sean Penn criticizes Me Too movement

like I said:

you have no real arguments. you think calling me a “white knight” makes your point because you can belittle me in order to discredit what I’m saying.
those are two different things.
you can call me anything you want, it won’t make rape any less disgusting.

I absolutely agree. the criticisms of the Me Too movement a very valid and just as numerous.
I just grabbed the first article I saw after a google search.

how about this from the World Health Organization:

point 4 of the summry: “Sexual assault is an aggressive act motivated by power and control.”

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Lmao referencing #MeToo on an Incel board…

I think I’ve seen it all now.

Pong_Lenis is right. White Knights are just sociopathetic pieces of shit that will betray their own gender in a heartbeat, easily corrupted by the malicious modern females. They are every bit as problematic and ultimately the reason females feel so entitled in the first place. White Knights are scum that should be punished severely along with the Feminists. I bet the Feminists wouldn’t even fuck you in close proximity with no other sexual options, but you’d still take a bullet for them even then like a good disposable male, lmao.

My own father is a Boomer White Knight and he’s annoying as shit.

Imagine seeing a Titanic 2.0 in 2019. Sit back and watch the outrage at what inevitably happens. Even a small % of blackpills on there would lead to catastrophe for the privileged females.

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Said it better than I could. These scum make me rage so much.
Then again I heard that the reason they exist is because they were raised by abusive single mothers. They grow up with a constant need for female validation. So I just feel sorry for them. Can’t imagine what it’s like to be a male who wants to cut off his own díck because women told him it’s a weapon of patriarchal oppression.