The silence is deafening

Muh male priviledge.

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This really proves humans are dumb animals. There is just no way for the schizophrenic overgrown chimp known as humans to ever solve male disposablility. They can’t.


I told you already. The solution is male lesbians. Change male dna to be more beautiful then suddenly males have social value and are treated good.

Please remember muh- patriarchy and female oppression where male disposability is a myth, thanks.

Signed by, feminists around the world everywhere.

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if they are sexually dimorphic i.e bigger than females, then they will be disposable, no matter how pretty they are. Also male penis is a scooper to scoop out other male sperm, proving disposability.

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C ope. The bigger the male is the less disposable they are. women love tall males

also i not understand what u mean by the penis thing

there are more males in prison because females are better at being criminals than males. Also judges give them a pussy pass more often than a penis pass.

Males also commit more crimes than women because females live on tutorial mode whereas most males have unmet sexual needs. The lack of love turns into aggression. Economically women also have an easier time social navigating. It is a myth that males have male privilege, males have a tougher time social navigating thus tougher time getting jobs.

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I have no idea what this chart means.

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Life longevity or expectancy.

they love tall men because they can easily beat up smaller men. Still disposable. Shows any signs of emotion hes gone.

C ope. Males are the more aggressive sex and women rarely have urges to physically beat up males, thus its statistically insignificant as an explanation of why they like tall males.

I still don’t know what it means.

you still havent explained the penis thing either

the human penis is ‘‘designed’’ to scoop out the sperm of other men, hence why its a ‘‘mushroom tip’’. Because for men, everything is total competition.

Hmm. Are you saying the penis is designed to go inside another penis (the urethra)? I dont think it is.

Scientists believe the shape of the penis may have evolved to help men remove the semen of love rivals during sex.**
Tests led a team of US researchers, headed by Professor Gordon Gallup, to conclude that the penis acts as a “semen displacement device” and its shape has evolved in part to displace another man’s semen.
The team from the State University of New York believe the thrust of the penis during sex may help to clear a woman’s reproductive system of a previous lover’s semen.

Seems like another case of just mindless darwnism showing its “magnificence” again.

Imagine thousands of egos thinking their sperm is somehow more sacred than all the other thousands of egos, but no rational justification behind their praxis. All too scoop out the sperm of other males.

We finally did it you guys…

We’re finally a sexual and gender neutral egalitarian progressive nation. So much winning…