Therapists and psychiatrists are complete morons

Like they are really, really, really dumb. They have done literally nothing to improve mental health by any metric we use to measure societal mental health. If you are in college, check out the people training to be psychiatrists and therapists. It is pathetic.

Been around maybe 40 mental heath professionals at this point. Every single one of them knew less than me about studies on psychotropic drugs, studies on talk therapy etc…

They are into a religion and they hate hearing it being debunked. Most notably many are into the “monoamine hypothesis”, which is so dumb (as it was never proven, but instead disproven many times), that most reputable psychiatric institutions have to admit its BS pseudo-science

Metastudies (or studies of studies) have proven antidepressants, for example, to not be clinically significant in the treatment of depression beyond placebo,

but their actual effects have been proven to be quite harmful in the long and sometimes short-term. For example, antidepressants are associated with a 3 times increase in suicides compared to placebo in randomised trials. research by Michael P. Hengartner, PhD

Talk therapy, such as [[CBT]] has not been shown to be effective beyond placebo.

In fact, receiving talk therapy corresponds with an increase in stress, depression, neuroticism, and negative personality traits.

Morons? Probably not. Simply cogs in the machine, wage slaves, good goy - most definitely.

I honestly found therapy quite helpful. Are you opening up completely because if not it’s a waste of time. I do know people that have said that therapy didn’t help, like my friends with non-triggered depression. I have my mental problems as a complete result of other problems, so as long as I work on talking out those, I feel better

i agree, i had therapy when i was 14 for being too violent and it didnt help at all

therapy is overrated… just keep yourself busy and exercise and half your problems will go away.

I can tell you that medication is night and day for my patients. Completely different person

the placebo effect is very strong

It’s not placebos. You can’t fake that kind of difference.

My therapist recommended against medication because of my addictive personality despite the fact that id be buying straight from them. They instead opted to give me EMDR which is a method of unearthing and neutralizing traumatic memories. Its used on PTSD patients but is just as effective for people with intense anxiety issues. It worked on me and it was basically like they hacked my brain, revealed a suppressed memory of childhood molestation and then in two sessions, they were able to neutralize it completely to the point that I can talk about it without the feelings coming flooding back in because the feelings are completely gone from the memory now.

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