There is still morons who are pushing marxism/utopianism

So I like to browse subreddits like r/collapse and other depressing anticapitalist subs. And over and over in the comments, these morons are STILL pushing ideas like marxism, maoism, what ever bullshit crap. Don’t these morons get it? Killing farmers, and land owners, and rental owners isn’t going to do anything. Replacing them with cocky fucking women and arrogant commies isnt going to make anything better. The truth is ALL humans are pretty much arrogant pieces of shit. You cant enforce equality. Lets say we have a communist state, well now your land lord is going to be some communist government land lord. your boss is going to be a government worker. WOW what a difference! theres still going to be competition, hierarchies, and the fact that there will be people better than other people at things thus getting more resources/having more value. Its almost as if life is just some shitty randomly chosen gambling game, and some people get lots of talent/gifts/genetic wealth and others get nothing.

I fucking hate this world and these stupid morons.

Every social organization scheme operates on these principles:

Every object that has value to human life, and gives humans temporary pleasure, will be in high demand, thus will be fiercely competed for.

Some people will be better at competing for these resources than others, thus they gain access to these in demand objects, and then hierachies form around these people because people want access to these resources.

thus hierachies are formed, and you have winners and losers. Haves and have nots.

This is what the human being truly is. When ever some one degrades the life force or ‘‘The Will’’ as schopenhauer put it, they are resented and hated. Why are ugly people hated for instance? they remind people of death. The saggy skin, the sunken in eyes on the skull showing more of the skull, etc. Why are bald people hated? shows more of the skull, therefore reminds them of death. Why are skinny short guys hated? shows more of the skeleton, not covered up by muscle etc.

The human wants life, and more of it. Human existence is like a obese man going to a all you can eat buffett, eating 5 plates of food, puking all over himself, then eating 5 more plates of food, puking again and again… you get the idea, its never enough. Thats why its so absolutely retarded to think humanimals would ever be happy living a ‘‘sustainable’’ existence in some tiny home. I mean sure, some women might be happy in a tiny home, but theyre going to fucking make sure they make up for the lack of goodies/trinkets with a really tall, extraordinary male, which will leave out 90% of the males thus causing violence, and ruining the whole idea of sustainable bullshit in the first place. Humans naturally gravitate into tri-level power structures of Alpha (first) Beta (middle) and omega (last). basically like a pyramid. Ownership class, Rulership class, And slave class.

The powerstructure comes from nature. The alpha always eats first, then the beta eats second, and then the omega gets the scraps.

What would you like instead? How is your ideal society?

basically this is why I’m a nihilist/antinatalist/misanthrope/anti existence. There is no ideal society. Things will always be imbalanced where a few people at the top of the pyramid get everything, and then the middle get something, and then the bottom get nothing. I basically identify as an omega who gets nothing so I protest against it.

Commies are still the worst.

The difference? A commie will pretend they aren’t fucking you over, and constantly claim the moral high ground, while they are in fact fucking you over.

So you get to be fucked over and have your suffering de-legitimized at the same time.

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Yea communism is the absolute worst, imagine ramping up virtue signaling 10,000%

You have a job in a state owned factory by the ‘‘people’’, you’re an ugly male whos job is to put together parts. ‘‘Don’t you want to work harder comrade?’’ ‘‘The people are depeding on you comrade, don’t make them ashamed of you’’ just lol at that bullshit.

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I don’t believe in utopias as I think there is a need for hierarchies, the trick of a well functioning efficient society is having more haves versus have nots. In this regard I’m an extreme utilitarian.

In our world currently there is an extreme minority of haves versus a majority of miserable have nots, eventually this large majority of have nots is going to have to organize and a wage a total offensive or all out war against that extreme minority of haves concerning redistribution. In that regard I’m all for that.


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The problem with both Capitalism and Communism is the assumption that equality, relatively speaking, is achievable, but it never materializes. Capitalists with “trickle-down” and Communists with “muh natural inequalities don’t exist” bull shit results in the same thing. Masses of disaffected people that don’t understand what the fuck is going on and why these ideals aren’t being achieved. But they are kept at bay with promises that such ideals will “eventually” be reached… for how long a given population can be kept at bay is a question of how docile it is.

The key to salvation is to EMBRACE natural inequalities and structure society to run in tandem with, and not against (or not ignoring) them. Put every cog where it is meant to function at its best rather than pretend you can just slot any cog in anywhere and expect the machine to work optimally or even at all.

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Fascism- “You all will be forced to work together as a collective cooperative or nation -state and at the end of gun barrels if need be under the watchful eyes of the party”.


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“Dumb man, here’s your shovel. Get to work.”

“Smart man, help us push the boundaries of what we can do.”

“Woman, make babies.”

“You’ll all do it and you’ll be happy doing it, or else. Know your place.”

Imagine living in a world where IQ or aptitude tests are a normal part of job applications, and matter just as much or even more than degrees. Where there is a lot more on-the-job training in order to draw in the best potential workers without forcing them to commit so much time and money before even trying out a job. It would be more efficient on a macro scale because you can learn how to do a job much faster than the amount of time and resources put in to years of schooling in which you are forced to take a lot of irrelevant courses.

What a beautiful civilization that would be. Just maximum efficiency, prosperity, and the highest attainable total welfare of the people built from each individual giving up a little.

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“All women of breeding stock are not allowed a bank account, employment, property , or access to higher education until they get married having a total of at least two children. Women that refuse this legislation or government mandate can relocate themselves to public all female women shelters provided by the state. Thank you for your compliance citizen.”

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“Thank you in advance for your compliance.”


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“Nanda, I do not extol the production of a new existence even a little bit; nor do I extol the production of a new existence for even a moment. Why? The production of a new existence is suffering. For example, even a little [bit of ] vomit stinks. In the same way, Nanda, the production of a new existence, even a little bit, even for a moment, is suffering. Therefore, Nanda, whatever comprises birth, [namely] the arising of matter, its subsistence, its growth, and its emergence, the arising, subsistence, growth, and emergence of feeling, conceptualization, conditioning forces, and consciousness, [all that] is suffering. Subsistence is illness. Growth is old age and death. Therefore, Nanda, what contentment is there for one who is in the mother’s womb wishing for existence?”

The Descent of the Embryo Scripture, Buddhist Canon

Man starts over again everyday, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows.
Emil Cioran

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Emile Cioran is a depressing writer dude, stop reading that shit. That shit is cancer.


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marxism is not utopian socialism
marxism was partly a reaction against utopian socialism

utopian socialists believed work could be orgasmic (lol) and wanted society to be a collection of agrarian self-sustaining communes

marxism (what you do describe in your OP) indeed advocates for a centralized single state through a set of reforms, and regard utopians as foolish and sometimes reactionary

As far as government subsidized or owned housing, yes you can virtually eliminate homelessness with it. And in my opinion it is desirable.

if there’s always hierarchy and always in the same amount, and nothing can making the hierarchies less corrupt or more just, then there wouldn’t really be a need for anyone to be upset at socialists/communists

also afaik no statist leftist has ever advocated for no formal hierarchies
those that advocate that are left-anarchists

and no one i know ever advocated 0 informal hierarchies, as that is obviously impossible

I’m just trying to point out that socialism/communism will be no different than current day capitalism. Inequality is a biological phenomenon, not a cultural one, so it doesn’t matter what social structure you put in place, theres always going to be a wealthy class, and a destitute class. I literally see nothing really different from capitalism, socialism, fascism, theocracy, its all the same crap, one agrarian elite with masses of slaves.

So there truly can never be a ‘‘leader for the people’’ and the ‘‘party’’ is not for the people, once you have a rulership class/managerial class, these become the new overlords. And once lenin or trotsky or stalin who ever came into power, he became an enemy of the people, as he needs nutrients, resources, and must compete against ‘‘the people’’ for nutrients resources. His family is competing against every other family.

Marx hated work, he was the furthest thing from an dystopian society you could imagine.

What people hate about Communism is dystopian society, the idea of State enforced work. Exactly the opposite of Marxism.

The second thing people hate about Marxism, is they think he was some kinda SJW who believed in cultural sameyness, when he wasn’t at all.

Basically, people are ignorant and don’t know anything about what Marx wanted.