There should be a Q&A for the guys who did the bbc documentary

what do you think?

get together the guys and what were the behind the scenes

umm CFM lol why u here

cause i wanted to talk about matt and ask will when he is going to update on the wiki

and why cant i be here, im incel.

You were never a member of our forums. But if you

  1. Dont harass people
  2. Follow US law
  3. whatever else the rules page stays

you might not get banned that soon

i was a member of the facebook group. But i was autistic.

either way i need to a place to go. is too negative and ■■■■■■■■■.

and who am i going to harass i dont orbit ■■■■■ anymore will let you in

I doubt they are going to let you stay here

why not? im technically incel. just havent had consensual sex for quite and havent been in a relationship for quite sometime

you routinely brag about having had sex with many women

no, thats mainly discord. those screenshots were old. they were taken out of context

why do you even want to be on incel forums?? After you got banned from so many? Im sure there are other places that would be glad to have you

no just

because im ■■■■■■■■■■■ and i enjoy these types of forums.

plus im an incelibrity

so how many women are calling you asking for your dick now?

ur a celeb now apparently lol

none, a majority of women are talking crap about me on the incel documentary.

because im a hero and a legend

you are getting no positive female attention from this doc? really?

no look at the comments in the youtube section matt is getting more positive reception.

im looked at as the villian

Wonder why

why should i care, im speaking the truth.

essentially the modern day jesus