This is me shirtless

Alright bros, this is me shirtless. Opinions?

Not fat enough to be incel-tier tbh, societies’ fucked (or rather, not fucked except for the 20% or more of males and 100% of females.)

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My problem is that I wear glasses[nerdy looking], have a butter face, and I’m a poor-cel but yes, I’m really not overweight at all. Of course this is the end of the month where I’ve been eating irregularly also.[prevalent food scarcity]

how tall are you?

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5" 9-6" 0

5 foot 9.6 inches?

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Pretty close to that, yes.

You look good

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It’s my face that I think is the real turn off.

That and being poor living in total squalor. No woman likes poor low income men especially American women.

Depends I love baby face

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You wouldn’t like mine, no woman ever seems to.

I love Ed sherran

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Maybe if I got to know you better we would test out this theory of liking versus non-liking.

What do you mean? What theory ?

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My heterosexuality is in danger

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If you like my face of not. If you think I look hideous or not.

Post a full picture on r/Rateme and see what happens.

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I’m shy, that probably wouldn’t work.

Once again proving that incel is tied to social anxiety.


I totally agree