This says Off Topic ? but I’m having trouble finding an incel

I’m sorry for bothering you. Again. But, I can’t find an incel to date. Does anyone know any incel site I can find an incel? I think I’ve tried every site, but I still can’t find an incel. Almost every site, I’ve been banned. I’m starting to lose hope. Please help.

I really hate forums in general because I’m banned everywhere I go. Idk it must be my personality. Also idk why I’m adding this but I’ve been thinking about it, if I don’t find an incel to date, I’ll just force myself to become a lesbian. I’m not gonna tell you why I won’t date other guys, but probably because I’m too ugly, I don’t consider myself a femcel because I don’t like to be associated with anyone. I don’t like girls, I actually really dislike them and that sounds like a good punishment ig ?

I’m sorry you can’t find someone you want to date. welcome to incelistan. (half kidding)

this forum is for people to talk, so this is the right place for it, and if it bothers anyone, well they probably wont say anything, they’ll just move on. (unless they want to troll or be nasty, but thats not the point)

if you don’t like girls than forcing yourself to be lesbian isn’t going to solve anything. I’m not saying lesbianism is bad, just that you can’t like what you don’t want just because you can’t find what you do want.

so no, that doesn’t sound like a good “punishment”.
why do you think you should be punished? (thats a rhetorical question)

I think you should try to enjoy being single first.
it’s not easy, most have tried it to some degree, but it’s hard unless you have a lot of fulfillment somewhere else.

maybe you’re being too specific looking for an incel you like. maybe the quality you want isn’t exclusive to incels. idk.

have you tried online dating?

Becoming a lesbian isn’t all about punishment lol.

Sometimes, I like being a virgin and I want to wear a white dress on my wedding day. I just don’t want to be a virgin for a long time, and that’s why I wanted to hurry up and find an incel. Maybe I’m just stupid, but idk if having sex with a girl counts as losing ur virginity, because I mean ? How do they have sex ? Ik im stupid lol.

So, if I became a lesbian, I could still consider myself a virgin. Other than, that I’m just a self punishing person ig?
Also I’ve always been single
Idk lmaoo.

you said you were 18 so most likely you just have not been around enough men to be hit on. Especially if you were home schooled or something.

As far as incels, I dunno, there’s probably one who lives in Washington here now given like 100 people joined recently. But I am not turning on your PMs until you can somehow prove legally you are 18 or over.

What do I have to do to prove I’m 18?

lol, I was home schooled back in the day. back in the days of actual pencils. and paper.
oh man, who remembers POGs. am I right?
okay enough of that.

but seriously, how do I prove I’m over 18?

What he said ^

I’m ugly and I’m not showing my face. I don’t have a yearbook also, I only bought one from middle school, and I have to find it.

This ^

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Tell me to do something else

Troll post. Just sign up for tinder you absolute retard. You probably cant attract a man because you’re fatter than fat. Stop eating you fat fuck. Only desperate men want to fuck pigs. Get slim and in shape and BOOM you’re automatically sexy to most men.

what the heck is wrong with you?
honestly, who talks like that to people.