Thoughts on banning Vintologi

For about a week Vintologi was the most active poster here. If I had let him stay here he would have remained that way.

We also run a Facebook group and this site was more of an experiment, that being: is it possible to have a soft, non-violent incel forum outside Facebook?

I mean why would anyone log out of Facebook just to log into somewhere else unless they were going to say stuff that breaks Facebooks (pretty lax) ToS? Facebook is the center and the end of the internet.

So naturally our most active posters were: someone banned from Facebook (icecutter) and someone who was a bad actor (Vintologi, as his purpose was to convince incels to transition so they dont breed, he states that explicitly)

This sort of confirms my hypothesis about braincels etc. These places naturally draw bad actors and that is how it always was. If you look at the people that joined for example when it started, it seemed to be almost half bad actor types. Now has softened a bit and I dont want to bash it as its tacky and everyone else does it. But this is just how external forums work nowadays.

Is there any reason to have a forum outside Facebook beyond FBs shitty tech support?

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Mmmm being anonymous is nice, so I like this style more. Also I don’t know how to find the Facebook one even if I just wanted to peruse.

Also the whole mutual friend thing when they can see oh blah blah is also in this group… Hmmmmm…

I’d say keep it up since traffic is building up here.

Also what’s a bad actor, just people taking the piss and trolling?

Yea, a bad actor in English means someone who joins just to troll, hurt, or create havoc

cause facebook… sucks?

I agree I’ve grown to like it here.

I don’t want you to take down this forum and I think that’s one reason.

the forum wont be shut down

Was just ruminating on the future of this forum

paying the server bill in a few days

It will stay up forever

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facebook is so 2014, deleted that shit ages ago

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