Thoughts on communism or philosophies similiar to it

What are your views on communism or philosophies on it in general and your criticism’s.

It works. But only in a racially homogenous state.

eh the idea has been tried but homogenus ethnostates is going to be a hard thing to achieve depending on the people that live there

It’s unnatural and immoral.

Saying you’re communist should carry the same social stigma of saying you’re nazi.

In fact, collectivism is general is unethical.

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it worked well for China for example

The most thriving European states are not the most or least ethnically diverse European states. Muslim population also has little correlation with the most thriving European countries

Shit countries like the EE countries have almost no muslim population, other shit countries like france have high muslim population

Same thing with religious or cultural diversity.

also have no idea what communism or socialism means

  • my high school history teacher said it was "about sharing or something"
  • Greens say it’s about self-sustainable worker cooperatives (coops own the means of production)
  • 20th century western european Marxists said it was about transferring stock to worker unions (unions own the means of production)
  • Tankies say it’s about the state owning the means of production (and everything else)
  • Futurist Marxists say it’s about democratized robots doing everything for us
  • Orthodox Marxists say it’s about meritocracy and hard work
  • Republicans say it’s about high taxes, high inflation, and laziness
  • Democrats say it’s about a European welfare state with strong social protections
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Ah William as usual you remain 1 heartbeat behind.

The EE countries ARE the currently thriving countries. And they will fly all the higher because they did NOT allow their race to be attacked.

Anyway I don’t get your point anyway as no countries in Europe are communist or close to it.

because last time you talked about something political “only working in ethnically homogenous states” was in reference to Sanders, who is about as socialist/communist as some European states

What? My usual reference is China

oh, nevermind

Communism works in small human groups of less than a 100 people. National communism obviously fails because its just too many people who have conflicting interests and competition becomes more strong.


just wanted to throw in my 2 cents because it was a direct question.

communism does not work, and everywhere it’s been tried, quality of life has plummeted.

but I do respect that some people admire the idea with good intentions.

Neither capitalism or communism works, third positionism all the way. We must take the very best from both the left and right combining them together into its own distinct identity.

We live in a post capitalist and a post Marxist world, there’s no going back to either now.

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^ This is the key to our salvation

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