Tinder and bumble is garbage

These apps are fucking useless. I’m really just trying to find more fwb but it’s easier to talk in real life then swiping left or right, not only that you want me to pay for a rematch??? That’s fucked and basically jerking somebody’s wallet who’s really lonely. Ugh! I’m just horny dude fuck.

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They’re complete trash and favour females by a factor of 1 MILLION. They are literally designed to exploit you (with the help of these modern females). The world is against you.

Drop it. Don’t feed that garbage any more attention.

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The West is in the midst of a dating recession. Sorry that you only just found out.

Sometimes I think this is just mother nature’s clever way of capping the human race… just as we thought we were smug and could outsmart it with technology, industrialization and exponential growth.

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Only way to get matches is to constantly set up new accounts. Basically. Not even the paid versions try to match you up anymore. Tinder and okcupid give you 90% of your yearly matches the first couple weeks of your account, then it buries your profile hoping you will spend more money on boosts.


I’ve tried all of the dating websites and apps, Tinder, Match, Bumble, Bagel Meets Coffee, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony. I even went as far as trying Adult Friend Finder to see if I could just get a friend with benefits, or just a one night stand. And I’ve done this all within the span of the last 14 years, long before online dating became the norm, and was still considered somewhat taboo back in the day. Regardless, the results are always and will always be the same. You need to be above average looking to even stand a chance to women. Looks are all that matter, not your profile, not your career, not your social status, looks, looks, and looks.

What I find interesting is that I believe online dating was more likely a concept thought up by someone like ourselves, geeks, nerds, shy and awkward men who wanted to try and find a way to meet a woman outside of the social norms. Then the normies took over, and now we’re once again the outcasts. Something that was supposed to be ours and for us is now there’s.