Toasted Sandwich Stacy .VS. Cashier Femcel

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ooomg This is so accurate! The femcel cashier definitely looks like a bit more attractive version of me, minus the eye color tho. I love the facial expressions, I can practically hear this picture.

The last cashier I encountered looked very average but was thoughtful tbh, cute personality :3

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This really gave me a new perspective on toasted bread cashiers tbh

Still honestly do not believe ugly women get rejected that much more than average women.

The less money a woman makes, the kinder she is towards me in random situations. Generally.

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I only recently became aware of how poorly women who are not conventionally attractive are often treated by men in mundane, non-sexual situations. Of course, the looks of both men and women color all our interactions with other people, but it seems like women in particular are frequently ignored or regarded with outright contempt if men perceive them as ugly. To be honest I feel ashamed of how even I acted towards girls I found unattractive in middle school and high school—several times I recall shutting down homely girls who were only trying to start friendly conversations with me by ignoring them or giving them curt responses. I realize now that it’s important to treat everyone with courtesy and respect regardless of what they look like, and I make a conscious effort to avoid acting dismissive and rude towards ugly women.

The interesting thing is that I did not even realize I was doing this until years later.


The woes of incels vs. femcels are almost identical.
(i.e. She’s only after chad… he’s only after Stacy… blah blah.)

The sexual market place is a hierarchy. If you want to date gold, you need to be gold. If you want to date silver, you need to be silver. If you want to date bronze, you need to be bronze. etc.

An unattractive woman may be able to have lots of sex with attractive men but it’s unlikely that these men will actually date her or stay loyal to her… the guys will likely only use her as a temporary fuck buddy until a better deal comes along.

As a rule of thumb: Men value sex more than women do. There’s a reason why sexually active women are considered ■■■■■… and sexually active men are considered players. Most women don’t want to be ■■■■■, that’s just an admission of failure. Whereas men would give a right arm to be considered Slayers.


Do you think it should be this way?

In an ideal world, we would all be equal. Unfortunately we don’t live in this world… it would require something along the lines of genetic engineering in order to make humans altruistic and biologically equal.

But yeah, as I was saying… the core fallacy at the heart of the Incel belief system is the assumption that females experience sex the same way that men do.

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No that’s not ideal… everyone is born with imperfections, not always physical but also mental.

That super hot girl you see on the streets, she works her ass off in the gym to look like that
that guy driving a mercedes benz, he works his ass off in the office to be that successful

by saying what you said, you are negating all the hard work that goes into it.

Equal doesnt mean identical in this case. Basically shes saying that people wouldnt see others as lesser or greater based on arbitrary reasons. People wouldnt care about superficial words and labels and would look more at people on an individual basis. The equal refers to equality of opportunity and not equality of outcome. People arent disregarded outright for things they cant change and unfair prejudice is seen as a bad thing. Essentially the same reasons why we should avoid mimicking the PreCrime division from The Minority Report

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Inb4 “We use discrimination all the time to protect ourselves from potential threats and bad actors”
Theres a difference between opening your mind and lowering your defenses. For example as a woman, you can totally converse with someone who acts awkward or has poor but non-hostile social skills without being rude or assuming you already know everything about them just from what you observe. But you can do that while still keeping your defenses up. You arent obligated to share your deepest secrets, you dont have to believe or do anything this person tells you and you can carry tools to defend yourself should this person actually be a threat.

Oh man I’m gonna have fun rebutting this once I’m home from college. Quoting this so I don’t forget

I understand that’s the norm. and the norm is what you were referring to. but not all men (yes, I mean myself)


I don’t think it’d need to go that far. I think if society had some moral fiber, even a religious background would go a long way.

not that any religion could solve any problem, but people act differently when they feel accountable for their actions.

Even in mainstream academic settings it is readily accepted in such a casual manner that women date up and men date down (height, money, status, etc).

This means your gold to gold, silver to silver, bronze to bronze thing is incorrect. The only way your statement is even close to true is with enforced monogamy because that forces a 1:1 ratio for Bronze, Silver, and Gold. That is not what we have now, not at all.

To avoid inceldom, women only need to be bronze. Men need to be gold.

I’m a Deist because I believe in the existence of objective truths even if all of it isn’t knowable. That there is a structure and natural order to things created by some form of consciousness, and the best society is one that tries to work in tandem with natural laws to maximize total welfare. A natural religion as opposed to a revealed religion.

Atheism and moral relativism is a plague as far as I am concerned. Right now we are a society that actively tries to work against nature and the results (and consequences) are becoming ever more crystal clear.

That’s probably what happens to me at school tbh

you need to stop crying and work on it then

you need to go hit the gym, do some squats and lose that baby fat and get toned… anyone can go from ugly to sexy if they put in work

Wtf it’s my face not my body. I think it’s my face.