Tru fax of the world

weve been lied to our whole lives.

manosphere says Men evolved as hunters. But is this based?

Female lions are the hunters. Males are not.

Also what is so good about nature. In lion society only 1 male gets laid of all the males. How is this good. Chimps are not much better either and humans are the same DNA as chimps.

Also there are a couple errors in his video but mostly based. What he means by soft feminist men is numales and cucks. Women are not attracted to numales or simps. But some women are attracted to femboys and pretty boys.
Here is pic of what i mean:
this is softboy or ■■■■

this is femboy, something women actually attracted to

Since the beginning of time women have been master manipulators, that’s all you need to know.

While some guy was out hunting an elk the bitch in the cave was being impregnated by Chad.

Overtime the hunter was raising Chad’s offspring unbeknownst to him.

Shit has been going on since time immemorial my man.

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