True equality

Feminists and females do not want true equality. True equality would be incels being equal to femcels. Incels are not equal to femcels, most femcels on redditt have options but want meaningful relationship instead of sex. That is, most femcels are volcel, most incels are not volcel. There are some exceptions here and there, however the vast majority of femcels reject incels, if they did not, there would be no incels and femcels. And many femcels just want chads, they say they are femcel because they want meaningful relationship instead of just sex, but if that was the case, they would identify as FA not incel, secondly, many men are interested in dating, saying that all men only want sex and not relationship, is a sexist anti-male exaggeration and generalization.

True equality would look like, a world where women are attracted to men. Most women are not attracted to men in general, only chads. Most women are repulsed by subchad men. The only time women are attracted to men is if they are either drunk or on drugs, or if the male is either a Chad or a pretty boy.

This brings me into my next topic, lesbian bigotry against transgirls. Lesbians will fuck chads but not transgirls, this is bigoted and phobic. In the past, in Nazi germany, they would try conversion therapy on lesbians, and try to get them to fuck hot aryan chads, and if they didn’t suck the cock of chads they’d get gassed. This is barbaric and backwards. Lesbians are no more guilty than any other female in this world, lesbians are simply more honest with their sexuality and freely admit they hate the looks of most men. Second, it is barbaric because it is chad enabling. While it is true that truecels should not spread their genes, men should not have to live in a world where only chads are allowed to breed.

In summation, I do not condone or support conversion therapy, it is barbaric and backwards. Homosexuals should be allowed to be homosexual (and thus non reproductive), the collection of homosexual genes should not be encouraged to breed over and over again, with more and more homosexuals living lives in denial. However, I make a certain exception for the lesbian genes. I believe lesbian bigotry towards transgirls is unnacceptable. I believe lesbians should be persuaded to have sexual relations with transgirls, this way they can live happily ever after, as male and female lesbians. Studies show that lesbians deep-down crave penis, but hate men. Studies show that lesbians get pregnant twice as much as straight girls, other studies show that lesbian relationships are unstable and don’t last very long, I think that transgirls are the companionship they need and best of both worlds, I think that the world will be a much happier utopian place if this happens.

@DarthDva I think that you need some Olanzapine. It is an antipsychotic with anti-manic and mood stabilizing properties. It reduces excessive talking and ranting. I took 2.5 mg a day and it had this effect. They don’t make a 5 mg so take a 2.5 mg and cut it in half. It also made me lazier, sleep a little longer, and gain a little weight. The higher dose (10-20 mg) also increases how much time it takes to ejaculate (it made me unable to ejaculate without porn). I would recommend it for you over Risperidone (which is more of an anti-schizophrenia medication that majorly cuts arousal, sex drive, and a tendency to harass and stalk attractive people), Saphris (which was a major downer that made me feel like everything is shitty), and Vraylar (which made me feel more scarred and gave me scary dreams and sleep walking).

John, I think you should have stayed being a woman. You’d be a lot happier I think.

I don’t want to hear your medication mumbo jumbo, if its any indication of your posting it hasn’t helped you at all. I am perfectly fine and I see things clearly, but I really am not sure you do.

I was never a woman. Also I really believe that there is something mentally wrong with you. You should see someone. No offense.

Really funny, because you are a self-described mental patient, yet claiming there is something mentally wrong with me. What, pray-tell, is illogical about anything I just said in the past 24 hours? I’m waiting to hear your opinion on this, but then again you are a mental patient so your opinion may not be so accurate.

If you don’t believe me that’s your problem. You say a lot of crazy shit and don’t even realize it. I’m not going to take the time to re-read your posts and point all the crazy out to you. You probably won’t believe me anyway.

I spent years reading about psychiatry on a daily basis. I’ll give you a quick example:

“I used to eat meat, but each day it started to grind on my soul. The grit and cartilage of the meat started to disgust me and started to make me feel unevolved.”

I don’t think you realize it but you sound crazy. You make this big dramatic announcement to the world about the effect of meat on your soul and announce it to the internet.

“I will not lie, certain soi meats taste like crap. But it tastes good if you mixed it with eggs like a breakfast burrito, putting on Frank’s red hot sauce.”

Why are you announcing this to the world? Why would anyone on the internet want to read about how you put a particular brand of hot sauce on a ■■■ and egg breakfast burrito? Also it’s spelled “■■■”.

“I call this the joi of soi. soi has enhanced my spiritual development… I see the world as it is, a dystopia with the possibility of a utopia.”

Again you literally sound crazy. Don’t reply - just believe me.

I’m sorry that you’re so barbaric that everything I say sounds crazy. Not eating meat sounds crazy to you. Im sorry but you seem 2000 years out of touch with reality. Da Vinci didn’t eat meat. Buddha didnt eat meat. Lots of famous people of history didn’t eat meat. And… You know what Einstein says about “crazy”

(He also says “Think Different” but its clipping the text and not showing it.)

Why do people read my works of art? As opposed to your wall of text drivel about how being incel is solely your fault, how sex isn’t that good, how you don’t like sex and want love, despite other threads claiming you are incapable of love, which makes no sense btw. And society and women have no hand in it it all, according to you. Hmm lets see. It isn’t hard to figure this out.

It seems I’ve ruffled some feathers of yours. Looks like your NPD needs to lash out at me for no reason, when I literally wasn’t even talking to you yesterday, and you just started to attack me out of the blue, for no fucking reason. I suppose you’ll accuse me of being NPD for having the audacity to post “crazy” things on the internet and invading your personal “territory” (because in your mind, everyone needs your approval first, or else they are crazy.) Or maybe you’ll call me the one who has NPD for hating the human species as a whole, you know, the parasitic species that pollutes and destroys literally everything. I guess I have to ask your approval to be allowed to have certain emotions.

If you stand up for what is right, and what is good, you will naturally get haters, this is because the human race is a deeply flawed and dysfunctional species, its also consequently on the verge of extinction.

It’s not what you’re saying. It’s how you say it.

And…0 fucks given by me. Let me know when you have something actually reasonable to say.

“Why do people read my works of art”

Your writing isn’t a work of art. You think it’s a work of art but it’s largely bullshit with little to no evidence that you made up and spew on the internet. I still think you have symptoms of a mental health disorder.

Well, I know you have a mental disorder, because you literally told everyone you do. You have NPD and have nothing better to do than harass me for no apparent reason.

And I’m not explaining the evidence, talking about genetics is taboo these days and you’d go into a whiny rant at me if I did.

Have you ever been to a psychologist or psychiatrist? Have you ever been diagnosed with anything?

Also I think you’re saying that you’re not going to provide evidence that men in the 50’s had superior genes to men in year 2019 because you don’t actually have evidence. You just make shit up and then call it a work of art.

No I’m not making shit up. Btw, noone agrees with your ramblings about how you are solely the cause of your own incel. As much as I dislike you, I still hesitate to blame your incel solely on your personality.

People in the know, know about genetics, people who don’t, don’t. Really I don’t care what you think, your opinions are absurd anyway, you identify as blue-pill, and you self-identify as an insane person. I don’t wish to argue with an insane blue-pilled person about genetics.

Clearly you hate yourself, you devoted a thread to ranting about how you feel you are such a failure of a human being. You obviously have nothing better to do than attack me on thanksgiving, its actually quite sad.

I am a failure as a human being. I am unemployed, living with my parents, with few friends, and a single who can’t not be single even if I tried. That sounds like failure to me.

Maybe you’d have more friends, if you didn’t attack people for no apparent reason.