Two Different "Femcels", Same Shit

A 9/10 femcel cannot easily be changed to be a better person.

There is no cause of the reason she rejects everyone. You cannot fix something that has no apparent cause.

When you stop and think about her, you realize she can easily have sex with any woman or man she pleases in 2 minutes, so where is the story of her life? There is no cause why she is so haughty to everyone. There is no sad story about a man who cannot find love. Thus she cannot be easily fixed to be more amiable. The likely cure is by dna modification of the person.

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I don’t like lesbians either, every time I see a hot pair of lesbians I think to myself what a waste as no dicks will enter their ■■■■■. A crime against nature.

Their vaginas will never know the pleasures of penises or dicks, that makes me sad.

As usual, females say they have problems and I just laugh.

Fuck their problems, they never pay any attention to male problems, so why exactly should we care about theirs again? Their problems are always so minor or quaint in comparison to male problems also. I’m playing the world’s smallest fucking violin over here as I masturbate myself to sleep using my own tears as lubrication. Fucking bitches…

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My sister cried like a hysterical little bitch once because her boyfriend went on a short trip out of the province for 2 weeks.

I am completely incapable of feeling any sympathy at all when a female complains about such mild DSR-related problems. Maybe try sleeping in the same bed alone for 3000+ days (18+ as an adult, excluding all the time before that) in a row and then we’ll talk about those “problems.”

It’s like if George Soros travelled to Africa and tried to explain to the starving children how rough he’s had it lately losing several million on bad deals.


I used to love lesbian porn but after awhile it just turned into bitter envy, wishing I was them and getting angry at all the pleasure and love they got to have and that I wasn’t allowed. Now when I watch it I don’t even feel turned on, I just feel rage.

I used to watch it years ago too, not anymore.

Both of them happened to live in Australia.




Didnt you fuck one of them?

Do you think he can? We’re incels for a reason, we can’t fuck women.

I’m expressing myself

Most incels I’ve met aren’t involuntary celibates. So idk

I’m going to create a thread for this

And what about it?

Wait, I’ve never met any incels irl, they just are not involuntary celibate, from talking to them.

If you count cybersex as fucking, then I suppose that was the case for both.