USAcels, Who do you support for the 2020 Dem primaries?

Williamson gang here

Trump 2020

Lmao, asking Incels which Liberal candidate they support.

Good one.

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that is not a Dem candidate lol

I don’t get too invested in electoral politics.

Andrew Yang, but I also like Tulsi Gabbard

Mommy president Gabbard

I hope Bernie and Elizabeth Warren run on a ticket together. I would vote for that!

I don’t think I’m voting for a Democratic candidate if Yang gets shut out. Fuck that corrupt party. IDK if I’d vote for Trump tho. I would probably only vote for him if Hillary got nominated (or someone near that level fuckery)

Yang because i need my yangbux 2020. also because yang sympathies with incels. also cause yang hates circumcision

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Yang sympathizes with Incels?

I’m right wing, but

Yang 2020

And I’m not circumcised, but FUCK circumcision.

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is that your channel?

Yeah. One of mine. Is it not ok that I posted it?

What’s the problem?!?

No female can talk shit to me about “consent” nonsense when millions of male babies have been and are continuing to have a piece of their dick cut off without their consent. Most importantly, nobody cares. Circumcision is rarely even brought up in the mainstream because it has already been “solved” (i.e. it is illegal to do it to females and we all know that only things which affect females matter).

Circumcision is not good for you. It takes away nerve endings which dampens sexual pleasure; hence not only are you forced to live a shitty life as a male, but you aren’t even allowed to ■■■■ properly. I’ve heard guys who are circumcised cannot even masturbate without lube? I can do that no problem. Furthermore, even if there’s no conscious memory of it occurring, there is evidence of it being psychologically harmful as well. For all we know it might be inflating the number of cucks.

No it’s fine

Circumcision is an abomination.