Utter apathy

i forgot to take my happy pills this morning. it is new years and i could care less. The real excitement for me is in the dream world not this performance we call life.

it is simply hard for me to believe that the most apathetic generation of all time, with no meaning motivation or purpose would suddenly ignite in a furious social collapse totally unforeseen by the rich assholes that control ever aspect of our lives. I am just a skeptic I suppose.

the great human uprising will be nothing more than people shitposting on and attention whoring social media with spamming mind-numbing jokes 24/7, an endless scroll of walls of texts and memes for the most depressed generation of all time. the great depression is not something that will happen it is already here

the dollar is a fiction perhaps one of the greatest fictions of our lives, such a fiction can be edited and revised as many times as is needed as to continuance of this fictional usd dollar currency.