We should have a NEETs section

Gonna be going on disability benefits today… forever. So I could probably volunteer to promote this site, provided we can have a NEET section. There seems to have been a reduction in activity as of late…
Wouldn’t recommend promoting this on r/NEET though. r/NEET isn’t really pro-NEET. Nor is it Pro-incel. You’d have better luck on Wizchan.
Regardless… I’ve had enough of society. NEETdom is the lesser of the evils compared to living like a ghost in society, never able to make friends… never being noticed… doing shit you don’t wanna do, etc. Unlike many NEETs I don’t actually have a problem finding meaning and purpose in everyday life, I have plenty to do at home as is.
r/NEET is full of American NEETs anyway. They have no conception of what a decent welfare system is actually like, they wouldn’t believe it if you told them.
That’s not to say that New Zealand doesn’t have its problems though. Housing in New Zealand is a big problem… but luckily I live in a decent RV parked at my parent’s property, for which I have to pay rent/gas/etc.
I actually think that the protestant work ethic is stronger in New Zealand than in the USA. Andrew Yang would have never succeeded in convincing people to support UBI in New Zealand.
The only way New Zealanders will ever support UBI is if Andrew Yang gets elected in the USA… because then they’ll start to feel the FOMO and get jealous, as is happening with the legalization of cannabis.
We’re just a bunch of sheep who copy what the rest of the world is doing really… which is no wonder because back in 2017 we had Trump-wannabe candidates who wanted to reduce immigration, and then got elected. (Even though immigration laws are already strict enough as it is, stricter than Trump.)

https://incelistan.net/c/neets done

if anyone has an idea for a public domain forum icon other than what it currently is let me know.
But yea this honestly one of the things I think about most. Wanted to have a NEET forum and then get the r/NEETs admins on board. But honestly I find r/NEETs more depressing than incel forums so I dont really want that particular userbase. Many times where I turned down usership for having a relatively sane and 100% legal forum.

Theres already a core group of users and we get about 2 signups a day. Which is more than I ever thought wed get honestly. Far cry from 2017, when we had like 3 users, now we have hundreds here and thousands on Facebook. If I advertize it more Ill think about wizchan.

A UBI would probably just cause a one-off inflation event making multiple payment near worthless. Maybe a targeted BI at everyone making less than x amount would make more sense long term. Basically everyone else other than NEETs would have to either work harder or rearrange their work to accomodate NEETs.

In American terms, this would mean removing means testing from social security and bumping up the reward amount, or implementing a negative income tax.

Regarding UBI and inflation…
Generally speaking… anything that puts extra money into people’s pockets would have the potential to cause inflation if this argument were true… whether it’s forgiving student loan debts, increasing the minimum wage, creating public assistance programs, rent control, etc. Minimum wage increases are already known to cause mild inflation.
The only difference is that UBI doesn’t print or devalue money - it taxes it directly from corporations.
That’s the reason taxes exist in the first place. Otherwise - Why not print money instead of taxing people? Because taxation prevents inflation and devaluation of your currency by redistributing money instead of printing it.

Either way, thanks for the NEET section. My creative spirits should be refilled in a few days time so expect some quality contributions soon. :sunglasses: