Website for Geek dating

Found out about this site recently and signed up. You all may find it useful/interesting

It’s kinda annoyingly pandering and im not really a big geek but all my e-dates were so I assume this is where I’ll find more of them.

I’m not even interested in dating anymore, but am always curious about if there’s sites that could actually help incels at all.

Some of you guys might find someone on soulgeek, maybe, hopefully.


thanks, will check it out!

I suppose it’s something.

But… just the number of sites there are like this. And then the hurdle of having to sign up, enter a bunch of information, all for very likely nothing. Meh.

The worst offenders being the ones that ask for money after you invest that time/effort into signing up… it’s just constant exploitation. Guessing this one isn’t like that though. I will say that at least these are a tier above the dreaded dating apps.

You can also try . That being said I think you’d have better luck just using OkCupid and doing a search based on mutual interests. Like on OkCupid you can just type in any word and it will pull up all the profiles in a certain distance that have that word somewhere in the profile. Like you can type in “Big Bang Theory” or “Chess” and you will get profiles with that word in it.

Quantity of people/popularity of an app/website means nothing. “Normie” places such as OKCupid are arguably the least useful.

yea I just logged in after my profile got approved. It’s like 90% male. RIP

yeah, I’d assume that’d be the case :expressionless: